Expo 2030, Rome hunting for the last votes

Expo 2030, Rome hunting for the last votes

AGI – In a week, on November 28, in Paris, at the headquarters of the Bureau des Expositions, the vote for the choice of the location of Expo 2030 will be held: three cities are in the running, several observers indicate the capital as the favorite at the starting line Saudi Riyadh but Rome is playing all its cards to try to undermine it, while the Korean Busan appears to be lagging behind. In the last seven days of the electoral campaign, each of the three contenders will try to gain the last support from the states still uncertain about who to vote for. In recent weeks, diplomatic missions have followed one another in search of the last votes.

To win on the first ballot you need 120 votes, or a two-thirds majority of the Bie, a goal that appears difficult for everyone. Then from a possible second round other scenarios will open up. In previous editions, the mediations carried out during the few minutes between one vote and another were decisive.

L’Saudi Arabia has made a significant effort of funds to support the candidacy for Expo, which is part of the kingdom’s strategy to diversify investments by 2030. The dossier of Riyadh from what has transpired in recent months it would have received the favor of most African states, but also that of France which has spoken of commitment at least for the first ballot.

Rome, however, received the endorsement of some European partners as well as that of the United States and Brazil, states capable of dragging other votes with them.
There has been no shortage of criticism of the Saudis on the level of human rights. In recent months, around ten associations have written to the general secretary of the Bie Dimitri Kerkentzes to ask him to “exclude Saudi Arabia’s candidacy” so that an entertainment event does not “constitute a cover for the government’s repression”.

The race of Busan seems to have less chance. Among the endorsements that have arrived in recent months, we highlight that of Mongolia. South Korea promises a high-tech exhibition, enhanced by the use of artificial intelligence, 6G and ‘smart’ airports and ports. In a possible second round, Italy could try to ask Korea to converge its votes on its dossier.
The Roman master plan is ambitious, it aims to heal some of the city’s urban planning wounds. The idea is to regenerate the Tor Vergata areawhere the 2009 World Swimming Championships were to take place, starting from the skeleton of the Vela di Calatravawhich has remained unfinished since 2011, with an urban boulevard that passes through a series of parks and reaches the historic center.


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