Expo gains Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper

Expo gains  Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper

The overwhelming joy that spread throughout the announcement of the Kingdom’s victory in hosting the Expo was not because it was unexpected, but rather it confirms the emergence of the extent of the Kingdom’s global influence after the legendary vote difference from the other candidates.
In order to look closely at the major event, it must be looked at from different angles, because the Expo – simply – is not just a regular exhibition that ends, but rather includes several goals that are achieved before, during and after the exhibition, which lasts for months, achieving direct and indirect gains, and these gains can be viewed through seven The pillars are:
Culturally speaking: Countries often compete to host exhibitions, specifically the Expo, because it is an opportunity to showcase civilizational achievements, cognitive and human wealth, and their impact in the international arena, thus enhancing the global reputation of the host country.
Economically: Exhibitions can have a significant economic impact and attract visitors from all over the world, leading to increased tourism, hospitality revenues and business transactions, and the economic benefits can extend beyond the duration of the exhibition.
Infrastructure: To host an Expo, countries often invest in infrastructure development. This can include building exhibition halls, transportation systems and other facilities. These developments can have long-term benefits for the city and host country and sometimes push projects along at a faster pace.
Technology: Hosting the exhibition allows highlighting its technological and industrial progress, and the Kingdom is achieving advanced numbers in the field of technology and advanced industrial technology. For local companies, it is an opportunity to create leadership in the field of innovation and attract investment in their industries.
Culturally: Expo works to enhance cultural and diplomatic exchange with the aim of sharing experiences, cultural heritage, traditions and values ​​with others, which enhances mutual understanding, strengthens international relations and the opportunity to communicate with the world and establish international partnerships.
Scientifically: Mostly, exhibitions deal with topics centered around scientific aspects, the most important of which are innovation and research. Therefore, hosting such an event can stimulate important issues related to research and development, and encourage progress in science, technology and other fields whose growth and development we see in the Kingdom.
National pride: After our success in winning the hosting of the World Cup, here we are preparing to host the Expo. This is a source of national pride and pride, because it reflects our ability to organize and implement a large-scale international event, which contributes to a sense of accomplishment and patriotism.


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