Failures in the network cause water cuts in five municipalities

Failures in the network cause water cuts in five municipalities

Numerous hundreds of subscribers to the general water supply network controlled by Canal Gestión Lanzarote have suffered supply interruptions in recent days; mainly due to breakdowns in the distribution networks and lack of liquid in the storage tanks. The situation has worsened this week, to the point that this past Wednesday the distribution had to be cut in more than a dozen locations, affecting five municipalities.

According to information offered by the entity that manages the integral water cycle, on its website, yesterday afternoon there were interruptions in the supply in payments of Haría, Tinajo, Tías, San Bartolomé and Yaiza. With the particularity that the circumstance affected several local capitals.

On the other hand, thanks to the usual measures in force for months by the island subsidiary of Canal de Isabel II, no measures had to be taken this past Wednesday to interrupt the supply to subscribers of Arrecife and Playa Honda. In addition, the water was not cut off in the main tourist towns either.

Given the background, it is likely that the situation will be very even throughout the rest of the weekas well as on the first dates of next week.

Affected areas

As far as the north is concerned, yesterday the water did not reach normally to most of the subscribers in the towns of Arrieta and Guinate, while on this occasion the town of Haría was left out, which was affected on some days. previous.

In the case of the municipality of Tinajo, the adjustment measures applied by Canal Gestión Lanzarote had an impact in El Rofero, Tajaste, La Vegueta and El Cuchillo, as well as in some coastal areas outside of La Santa, a town that was freed from the anomaly. as well as the municipal capital.

In the case of San Bartolomé, the incidence here did affect the nucleus that gives its name to the municipality; as also happened with Tías and Yaiza; according to the relationship recognized by the operator. Furthermore, in the southern territory there was no normal water supply for much of the third day of the week in the Mácher and Uga payments.

In most municipalities, this week it is common for the use of drinking water to irrigate crops to be limited.

Pressure control

This week it is worth highlighting, as a positive contrast to the adjustment measures caused by damage to the pipes and the lack of liquid in the tanks, that there have been no relevant incidents linked to the adjustment measures for the control of pressures in the pipes distributed throughout the seven municipalities.


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