Fan killed at concert will be buried in City Council – 11/20/2023 – Illustrated

Fan killed at concert will be buried in City Council – 11/20/2023 – Illustrated

The body of young Ana Clara Benevides, who died at the age of 23 on Friday (17) after falling ill at singer Taylor Swift’s concert in Rio de Janeiro, will be laid to rest at the Chamber of Councilors of Sonora (Rua Adalberto Bozoki, 305), from 7pm this Monday (20). The burial will take place in the Pedra Gomes City Cemetery, Mato Grosso do Sul.

The information was released by Ana Clara’s family, who opened a fundraiser to ask for help in transporting the body back to Mato Grosso do Sul.

It is possible to help the family by sending money via Pix key in the name of the young woman’s mother, Adriana Cristina da Silva Benevides ([email protected]), or via PayPal, for international payments, as the crowdfunding was also published in English given the repercussion of what happened.

On social media, users complain about the lack of assistance from Time For Fun, T4F, the company responsible for organizing the shows, and the singer herself. A post publicizing the crowdfunding mentions that the family had taken out a loan to pay for the transfer, but, when contacted, a relative of Benevides denied the information.

Those responsible for the young woman said that T4F offered psychological assistance after the trauma, but that they were encountering financial difficulties in sending the body to Mato Grosso, where she lived.

T4F, in turn, claims that a social worker contacted the family, but says that the family members refused to talk to the professional. “We contact the family via our social assistance team and respect the right to privacy of family and friends in this time of pain and mourning,” says the company.


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