Fanmeeting ‘Klao Rak’ is full of fun. ‘Man-Ben’ shows off a sweet and satisfying show.

Fanmeeting ‘Klao Rak’ is full of fun. ‘Man-Ben’ shows off a sweet and satisfying show.

The episode ended very impressively in every moment. It’s truly fun and full of flavor for this important OUTING of the Jian Group people. Building on the success of the series Gradually Love Step By Step at the Gradually Love Step By Step Outing Fanmeet, the first full-scale fanmeeting at Dee Hup House Company Limited by Boss-Anusorn. Limprasert and Justin Sotangkun from the company JUSTUP (Just Up) take all fans of the series together on a journey to fulfill the full feeling.

In a vacation activity, join the actors up close and exclusive on stage at Moon Star Studio 1 the afternoon before. With the actors of the story such as Man-Thrisnu Soranan, Ben-Banyapon Likhit-Amnuayphon, Up-Phumiphat Iamsam-ang, Win-Theeramet Peerawornsuk, Saint- Paramee Mahatthanadul and Bruce – Sirikorn Kananurak come on stage to provide full specialness in every show. Because with you beside me, everything is easy.

Opening the stage to make everyone scream with a VTR summarizing the interview with Gradually Love before starting off with the first performance of the song Love You ONLY YOU from 6 young men, Man-Ben-Up-Vin-Saint-Bruce. who appeared with screams from fans in the studio, inviting fans to rock together as hors d’oeuvres Before talking and greeting the fans to make them miss each other before it was Ben-Saint’s turn to draw a pattern to show in the song “Song Thien Bad” to make the girls scream loudly, followed by the song “Beyond Resist” with the cuteness of the Saint-Vin couple who refused to be slighted. Friends Let’s do it in full style before Bruce puts on a chic show to surprise fans with the song Thatthong Sound and reinforces the team as well. Man-Ben-Saint-Poppy who joined in the most amazing jam

And continue the activity by singing fun rowing songs. Along with giving prizes to 4 lucky people, then came a very emotional scene. Let the tears flow in the song Just look up at the sky from young Up who intends to bring it to his fans. in his own version, followed by the song “Hurt more at Man-Ben-Up-Vin-Saint” They teamed up to sing together and it was very heartfelt. And continue with the solo of young Ben in the song Every Beautiful Minute. Until the part of the series that everyone has been waiting for on stage, Man-Ben shows off the sweetness of the characters Jeng-Phat with a sweet, touching scene mixed with tears by wearing the couple’s wedding rings. Among the witnesses of love Up-Vin-Saint-Bruce Ready to throw flowers to fans in the middle of the stage

Before continuing with a sweet show in the songs Back At One and With You Next To Everything, It’s Easy by Man – Ben once again making fans melt. And the event ended with 6 young men from the story coming out to perform the song “Love You ONLY YOU”, inviting fans to get up and dance with the utmost fun. The whole studio This event is called the end of OUTING with each side being extremely happy. Both the singer and the viewer

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