Far-right extremists in France send threatening messages to Palestinian supporters

Far-right extremists in France send threatening messages to Palestinian supporters

Following the research conducted by Anadolu Agency and Palestinian media outlet Gaza News, it was revealed that far-right groups targeted prominent figures in the French press with their support for Palestine by sharing their personal information through broadcast channels affiliated with the Telegram account named LDJ (Jewish Defense League).

According to the research, people who want to access the channel are asked to show themselves on camera and read quotes from the Torah. Far-right extremists who meet these conditions are included in the Telegram group.

In addition, the administrator of the Telegram channel named “Sh4d0w M3t4” gives instructions to the “Am Israel-Team Action” group, which has more than a thousand members, regarding the people targeted and the messages to be sent to these people.

In the message published by the “Am Israel-Team Action” manager at the beginning of this month, it is seen that he warned the group members not to use their own phones and hide their numbers, and to stay “within the limits of legality” in written messages. “We will deal with the most famous cases first, while the less important ones will be more cautious when confronted with their actions,” the group manager said. He encourages far-right members with his words.

These groups then contact the workplaces of Palestinian supporters to whom they send harassing messages on social media and conduct a smear campaign against these people.

The group manager also claims that he was in direct contact with Israeli-French MP Meyer Habib and gave him information about the targeted people.


Members who successfully fulfill the instructions given to them in the “Am Israel-Team Action” group then join the “Am Israel-Team Cyber” group, which aims to commit violent acts.

Group administrators state that they have established a closed group where they will “carry out the most violent actions” and ask members to keep their personal information as confidential as possible.

Among the names that have been targeted by far-right extremists so far are comedian Yassine Belattar, Malik Bentalha, journalist Guillaume Meurice, lawyer Fabrice Di Vizio, Unyielding France (LFI) MPs David Guiraud and Louis Boyard, as well as AA reporter Feiza Ben Mohamed.

In their statement to AA correspondent, the names who are targeted by far-right extremists explained that they have been receiving dozens of threatening phone calls every day since October 8, and that they are facing harassment and death threats.

The targeted names also stated that people posing as cargo officers asked them for their building entrance passwords and that they received e-mails requesting their home addresses under the name of package delivery.


After the murder of a young man named Thomas in the Drome region, extreme right-wingers took to the streets.

A far-right group of approximately 60 people carrying iron sticks and fireworks marched in Romans-sur-Isere, chanting slogans such as “Islam out of Europe”. Threatening messages were also sent to some mosques in the region.

6 people who played a role in the violence in the city were sentenced to 6 to 10 months in prison.

Following Romans-sur-Isere, far-right activists marched in the city of Rennes chanting slogans such as “France belongs to the French”.

Far-right activists also demonstrated in the 5th district of Lyon. Images spread on social media showed people carrying banners saying “Immigration kills” and chanting slogans such as “Islam out of Europe” and “For Thomas”. 8 extreme right-wingers were detained during the demonstrations intervened by the police.

Opposition MPs criticize the attempts of these groups to raid various cities and accuse the media and politicians of encouraging the far right.

Politicians point out that far-right extremists are trying to incite hatred against Muslims.


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