Farewell to Antonio Carpenedo, the master cheesemaker who invented the “Ubriaco” cheese

Farewell to Antonio Carpenedo, the master cheesemaker who invented the “Ubriaco” cheese


On Easter Eve, he passed away Antonio Carpenedo, master cheesemaker and owner of the Treviso company La Casearia Carpenedo. Ninety years of living to the full, in love with his family, his land in Treviso and his work as a cheesemaker, with him leaves a cheese revolutionary who invented a new way of thinking and experiencing the dairy world.

Ubriaco cheese

With Antonio Carpenedo the refinement technique was born and consolidated. 1976 marked the turning point when, taking up a peasant technique begun out of necessity during the Great War, he invented the first ‘Ubriaco’ cheese in history. He therefore decides to register the ‘Ubriaco’ brand, intended as a method of refinement and gourmet transformation of cheeses, and the exclusive property of the company. From that moment, La Casearia Carpenedo became the first recognized dairy refining laboratory in Italy.

The Tuta method

He invented the ‘Tuta’ method, an acronym that stands for ‘Time, Humidity, Temperature and Environment’, a specific technique that integrates these essential elements to obtain a superior quality product with an exclusive taste. He coloured, perfumed and flavored the cheeses. Antonio didn’t have a brush in his hands but a ladle and a fork. His colors were must and wine; pepper or hay; honey or beer. “Antonio Carpenedo – we read in a company note – has literally undermined the dairy universe from within and filled it with emotions, giving many interpreters in the world the opportunity to create new cheeses and offering a new business opportunity”.

Cultural heritage

Carpenedo can rightly be considered a cultural and gastronomic heritage of humanity, a revolutionary of the international food community. Antonio leaves his muse, his wife Giuseppina, who accompanied him for over 50 years through sacrifices and conquests. With her, her beloved children Ernesto, Stefania and Alessandro who shared with him the affection of a father and the dream of a visionary enterprise and her beloved nieces.”

Venetian excellence

“Carpenedo – declared the governor of Veneto Luca Zaia – was a great witness of the agri-food entrepreneurship of Treviso and Veneto. In this moment of pain, I express my closeness and my condolences to his wife, children and his collaborators. I send him a thought.”


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