“Fast”, “new” and “smart”!Overseas buyers have a high content of Chinese brands in their shopping carts

“Fast”, “new” and “smart”!Overseas buyers have a high content of Chinese brands in their shopping carts


CCTV News: On February 21, Yiwu International Trade City, the world’s largest small commodity distribution center, opened in the Year of the Dragon. It received 228,000 customers on the first day, and about 75,000 merchants had a good start in the New Year.

At 8:30 in the morning, some merchants were still selling goods, and many overseas merchants couldn’t wait to come in to make purchases. French buyer Freda has already accumulated purchase orders worth more than 1 million yuan. In just over ten minutes after entering the store, she ordered jewelry worth 170,000 yuan.

The “fastness” of Freda’s ordering comes from the “newness” of the products, and the “goodness” of the old styles also attracted many repeat customers on the first day of the market.

Anis, an Indian buyer, said that he just bought more than 8,000 units of this product before the holiday. Because it sold well overseas, he wants to purchase another 10,000 units.

The influx of orders has given merchants in Yiwu International Trade City a good start. In a certain store that specializes in “Chinese style”, on one side, buyers are consulting salespersons to place orders, and on the other side, the proprietress is promoting products on a live broadcast. One store, two scenes of excitement.

According to statistics, on the first day of trading, Yiwu International Trade City received 228,000 passengers, and 75,000 merchants had a good start in the New Year.

“Going overseas” exhibition Yiwu products attract buyers in droves

In 2023, against the background of the world economic downturn, Yiwu City’s exports exceeded the 500 billion yuan mark for the first time, reaching 500.57 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 16.0%. Where is the driving force for growth?

On the first day of opening of Yiwu International Trade City, many new friends came here. Huang Changchao, president of Yiwu Stationery Industry Association, said that these customers were attracted by more than 300 merchants from his association more than two months ago when they organized a group to “go overseas” to hold exhibitions.

Huang Changchao said that in recent years, more and more companies in the association have shifted from OEM to making their own brands. With a brand, you also need to be famous. An “going global” exhibition attracted more than 10,000 purchasers from Southeast Asia, and the intended transaction volume exceeded RMB 150 million. 75 Chinese brands and 9 local agents signed contracts to cooperate, and also attracted many purchasers. Come to Yiwu.

Preparations have begun for the next group brand to “go overseas”, and the full-year plan for 2024 has been detailed.

Huang Junqiao, chief of the Export Trade Section of the Yiwu Municipal Commerce Bureau, said that in 2024, new measures will be planned for brands to “go overseas” to create overseas sub-markets, overseas exhibition halls, and overseas exhibitions. For companies to register overseas trademarks and apply for international certification, the registration fee will be 60%. % support.

Good quality and quick response improve the competitiveness of Chinese brands

In Yiwu International Trade City, the products purchased by foreign buyers contain more and more Chinese brands. Where does the competitiveness of Chinese brands come from?

In Yiwu, business owner Liu Junming sells his own brand products in his shop, and buyers come to inquire in an endless stream. Liu Junming said that during the Spring Festival holiday that just passed, he went to 6 countries. In order to expand the market, he even observed overseas market demand from a “zero distance”.

Quick response to market demand is one of the competitiveness of Chinese brands. In 2021, Liu Junming reached a cooperation with a research institute in Xiamen. When he saw the market demand, he immediately placed an order for research and development. As soon as the new product was launched, he has received more than 60 orders.

With fast R&D and smart manufacturing, a nylon production workshop in Zhejiang has realized full-process intelligent manufacturing from raw material distribution, doffing, silk cake transmission and inspection, packaging and warehousing, and operates 24 hours a day.

Today, more and more Chinese companies are leading the way in terms of product quality and product innovation. The number of national-level and provincial-level manufacturing innovation centers in our country has reached 29 and 260 respectively, and our country has built more than 10,000 digital workshops and smart factories.


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