FC-31 fighter jet unveiled

FC-31 fighter jet unveiled

The aircraft, developed by the Shenyang Aircraft Company affiliated with the China Aviation Industry Company (Avic), was designed as the equivalent of the F-35 fighter jets produced by the US Lockheed Martin.

The fighter jet under development, which was introduced to potential buyers at the fair, is planned to have high speed and maneuverability as well as stealth aircraft features.

While F-35s have a maximum speed of 1.6 Mach (1960 kilometers per hour); FC-31 is expected to have a maximum speed of 1.8 Mach (2205 kilometers per hour).

On the other hand, compared to the F-35s with a combat range of 1240 kilometers, the FC-31 is expected to have a slightly lower range of 1207 kilometers.

The aircraft, also known as “Shenyang J-31”, has not yet entered the inventory of the Chinese army.


Experts evaluate that the new generation aircraft may attract the attention of Middle Eastern buyers at a time when regional instability is increasing due to Israel’s attacks on Gaza and tensions in the Red Sea.

Pakistan Air Force Commander General Zaheer Ahmad Baber stated in his statement last month that Pakistan plans to purchase FC-31 warplanes from China as part of its efforts to modernize its Air Force.

However, the US’s suspension of F-35 sales to regional countries, citing defense agreements with Russia and China, is seen as a significant obstacle for China.

For this reason, it is unclear whether Saudi Arabia, whose fighter jet fleet consists largely of US-made aircraft, will consider the Chinese option.

US President Joe Biden abandoned the agreement reached with the United Arab Emirates on the sale of F-35s during the reign of former President Donald Trump. It was claimed that Washington’s decision was influenced by the country’s concern about the technological secrets of the warplane falling into the hands of Beijing due to its close relations with China.

The Biden administration also excluded Turkey from the F-35 program after purchasing the S-400 air defense system from Russia.

Meanwhile, it is anticipated that the national combat aircraft KAAN, which Turkey plans to mass produce at the end of the 2020s, will be an important option in the supply of new generation combat aircraft for regional and non-regional countries.


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