February express – “Everyone on Stage!”

February express – “Everyone on Stage!”

In March, in advance, the 2024 Legislatures will take place. With the elections coming up, in March, we show how the electoral system works, who is who and what they do. Why do we elect a President of the Republic and a Prime Minister?
The interview in this edition is very special, given that World Theater Day is approaching (March 21). In a conversation with Ruy de Carvalho, an actor much loved by the public and honored in our country, we will find out the stories that liven up the stage of his life inside and outside the theater.
On the same day 21 (just one after the beginning of spring), we celebrate World Tree Day. Curious, we went to discover which are the rarest trees in the world and how we can identify them by their leaves, in an authentic nature glossary. Expressinho readers will also learn about the Legend of Almond Trees in Bloom. It all starts with a Moorish king from the Algarve who married a princess from Northern Europe… until it turns out what he did to end his beloved’s sadness.
And because the Oscar race has already begun, we have prepared a selection of curiosities and unusual facts about the big cinema awards, which culminate in a night of glamor and excitement for the seventh art. Who were the most nominated actors? And which actors have never won an Oscar? Let’s find out!
Opinion on a current topic; what our readers are reading, with more reading suggestions; games and a craff, to help make the best personalized gift for dad, round off an edition with a bang: prepared to support the Expressinho maxim “reading is growing!”.

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