Feijóo will travel to Cádiz tomorrow after talking with two injured civil guards

Feijóo will travel to Cádiz tomorrow after talking with two injured civil guards

The president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, spoke this morning with two of the civil guards injured in Barbate to convey to them “all his support and solidarity.” The opposition leader will travel to Cádiz tomorrow where he will meet “to learn first-hand about the situation in the area,” PP sources report. After the death of two civil guards at the hands of drug traffickers in the port of Barbate, Feijóo has demanded since his interventions in the Galician campaign that immediate political responsibilities be assumed. There he will meet with the mayors and spokespersons of the area, representatives of the Junta de Andalucía and the Provincial Council, and with representatives of the Police and Civil Guard. According to reports from Genoa, Feijóo has discussed with several PP leaders the “example of dignity” of the widow of one of the deceased, who today prevented the Minister of the Interior from showing off personally in front of the coffin of one of the deceased. deceased. In addition, Feijóo has asked the spokespersons in Congress and Senate to activate the necessary mechanisms to disapprove the minister in both chambers. However, from the PP they defend that what would be desirable would be for Pedro Sánchez to “cease in a sudden manner the person who sent agents to fight the drug traffickers who could not make up for with their bravery the lack of material resources that the body suffers from in the area.” . Related News Standard Galician elections No Feijóo demands “maximum responsibilities” from Sánchez Pablo Pazos Already this Saturday from a rally in Santiago, the leader of the PP demanded from Pedro Sánchez “political responsibilities at the highest level, and not in the next few days, but in the “The next few hours, given the seriousness of what happened.” The president of the PP wanted to “recognize the agents” murdered “for fulfilling their duty”, as well as their families and friends and the entire Civil Guard. «They have all our love and consideration, respect and defense until the end; “Thank you very much for what you have done and we regret the loss of human life.” And he claimed that it is “essential that the full weight of the law falls on those responsible” and “on all the mafias” that operate in the area.


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