Fernando Medina says the PSD program is “a scam”

Fernando Medina says the PSD program is “a scam”

The Minister of Finance, Fernando Medina, this Sunday classified the PSD’s program for the legislative elections on March 10 as “a hoax”, and countered that the PS only promises what it can deliver. “The PSD’s economic program is truly a scam. It is truly an instrument without any credibility”, he criticized. The socialist was speaking at the presentation of the PS electoral program, which takes place at the Thalia Theater, in Lisbon.

The minister and third candidate for PS deputy for Lisbon maintained that the PSD program “is not based on looking at reality, predicting and foreseeing how it will be and from there deriving the policies and constraints that arise”. “That’s not how the PSD did it, it followed the principle of giving everything to everyone, promising everything to everyone, giving what doesn’t exist”, he pointed out.

Fernando Medina addressed the PSD president directly and left a guarantee: “Even if things become more difficult than we anticipate, we have the conditions to fulfill everything that is in the PS’s electoral program.”

The socialist leader also indicated that the PS’s proposals were drawn up “in accordance with prudent, realistic expectations”, to ensure that it is possible to “fulfill commitments”. “We only promise what we can fulfill. We promise with prudence, knowing that in worse circumstances we will be able to fulfill what we promise”, he highlighted.

Fernando Medina highlighted that the PS’s macroeconomic scenario and electoral program are an “exercise in credibility”, “based on predictability”. “A smooth policy, of constancy, a real policy, this is what is proposed in this program, this is what is proposed to the Portuguese and this is what will ensure the results of improving living conditions for everyone”, he added.

The Minister of Finance indicated that the PS’s macroeconomic scenario “puts another four years of convergence of the Portuguese economy with other economies, with the Euro Zone, with the European Union”. Increasing public investment to “unprecedented” levels and continuing “income recovery” are also PS objectives. The government official considered that it is possible “now to invest more” than in the past without the work of the last socialist governments to “clean up public accounts”.

The Minister of Finance also highlighted the measures put into practice by the last socialists in recent years, highlighting for example that currently “one million more Portuguese people are working than in 2015”, that the increase in the national minimum wage caused an increase in wages averages.

“Between the recovery of income, the sustainable reduction in taxation on work and pensions, the predictability of the path we were going to take, now reinforced with income agreements with the private and public sector, and the consistent increase in pensions and social support , this was our policy, our response to those who for years said there was no alternative”, he stated.

Medina also defended that “it is not possible to have finances in order with policies of austerity, cuts, reduction in employment, increase in unemployment, this recipe has failed”.

Before, António Arnaut took to the pulpit to talk about health and considered that what is at stake in these elections is knowing what health system the various parties want for the country and argued that the SNS “has difficulties, but responds when the Portuguese need it” .

The grandson of the man who was considered the “father of the National Health Service” said that the “party right gives as a great argument that the PS has been there for eight years”, but pointed out that the Basic Health Law was changed in 2019 and the publication of the SNS statute in 2022, arguing that “for a year and a half, the PS has been trying to change the health paradigm to bring it back to a system that is constitutionally enshrined”.


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