“Find it and go to the logging site!” The search for singer Jamala is actively discussed on the Internet | Person | Culture

“Find it and go to the logging site!”  The search for singer Jamala is actively discussed on the Internet |  Person |  Culture

The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs has put a Ukrainian on the wanted list singer Jamal. She is wanted under an unnamed article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, and the department’s database indicates her real name and surname – Susana Jamaladinova, – as well as the date and place of birth – August 27, 1983, the city of Osh (then Kyrgyz SSR).

According to the Shot telegram channel, the case against Jamala was initiated under Article 207.3 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Public dissemination of knowingly false information about the use of the RF Armed Forces,” and the reason was her publications on social networks about Butch, made in April 2022.

There are no other details yet.

Who is Jamala?

The singer has a mixed origin – her father was a Crimean Tatar, whose parents ended up in Central Asia after the deportation of 1944, and her mother was an Armenian. From the age of six she lived with her family in Crimea. She studied at the Kyiv National Academy of Music and took part in various competitions, including the “New Wave”.

She became famous under the stage name Jamala, derived from her surname, after participating in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016. The singer came to the show with the song “1944”, dedicated to the deportation of the Crimean Tatars, which caused a scandal due to the politicization of Eurovision. However, the organizers allowed Jamala to participate, and she became the winner, ahead of the singer Dami Im from Australia and a representative from Russia Sergei Lazarev. For this victory she was awarded the honorary title of People’s Artist of Ukraine.

In February 2022, Jamala clearly sided with Ukraine, although her parents continue to live in Crimea and received Russian citizenship. In April 2022, she was included in the list of Ukrainian artists who are banned from entering Russia for 50 years.

Moreover, already in August of the same year, the singer’s concert director announced that she was ready to perform in front of Russians for a not too large fee – she asked for only 15 thousand euros. At the same time, it was not specified how she was going to circumvent the ban on appearing in Russia.

“Offer a fee – she will come herself”

The news about Jamala being put on the wanted list was taken for granted online – and, rather, they were surprised that this singer was not brought to justice for her statements earlier.

Eva Somova

A purebred Nazi. She must be punished for all her words against our country.


She has a Ukrainian brain.


Why is there any need to look for her? Offer a fee and call her again to a corporate event in Sochi – she will come herself.


This competition, even before it, has long been unofficially politicized, and there have been so many cases every year!!!

Oleg Ilyin

Now it’s no longer valid for entry!

Tatyana Sergeevna

A Crimean Tatar, brainwashed by crests, went against Crimea and the people for shekels.


The “stars” are tired of this – they throw mud at me and then go back. I believe that everyone should stick to their position until the end. If you don’t like it, forget everything about the country, live further where you see fit, and then they begin to challenge their status, etc.

Vladimir Denisov

Find it – and go to the logging site!

Ilya Semenov

So what’s the point of this search? Is she on Russian territory? Does she have property in Russia?

Karma Makosh

According to this principle, almost all Ukrainian artists can be announced. Just don’t invite something like that to corporate events in our country.


Why look for them? Why punish? Ban entry into the BRICS countries and that’s it. Everything will end sooner or later, and these rats will die of hunger

Svetlana Z-Ch

Her name is not even Ukrainian.

Vitaly 056

A true Ukrainian, born in Kyrgyzstan from an Armenian mother and a Crimean Tatar. In any language, I didn’t balakala. After the start, the SVO quickly left Kyiv and began to “love” the sea diggers from a distance. “Patriot” to the core. Like, in principle, most of their “stars”, “stars” and “stars”. Is anyone interested in her? Another burnt out moth.


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