Find out the details of the luxurious wedding of Vicente Fernández Jr. and Mariana González

Find out the details of the luxurious wedding of Vicente Fernández Jr. and Mariana González

The big day came for Vicente Fernández Jr. and Mariana González, after they celebrated their wedding, in a religious ceremony that was followed by a spectacular celebration where they invited 400 guests, including Doña Cuquita, Alejandro Fernández and other members. from the family of Vicente Fernández who, despite his death (December 12, 2021), was more than present, as his first-born knelt in front of a photograph of him, in honor of his memory, just a few moments after giving the “yes” for the second time.

It was in December of last year when Vicente Jr. proposed to Mariana, during a romantic visit to Paris; From there, the couple revealed some details of a spectacular wedding, which took place this past Saturday, in which they went all out to celebrate their marriage union with their loved ones, which was officiated under the religious mandates and civil laws after, in front of their priest and a judge, they swore eternal love.

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The Fernández family was one of those who met the earliest, because according to the cameras that had access to the wedding, they assure that Mrs. Cuquita was the first of the dynasty to arrive at the Hacienda Benazuza, located in Zapopan, Jalisco, showing herself very happy that her son is given a new opportunity in love, so I wish them the best, just as she announced that she hopes to have fun throughout the entire ceremony: “May they be very happy, (I hope) to have fun, to have a good time.” “, he said to “Come the joy.”

Alejandro Fernández and Karla Laveaga were the next to be captured, however, they chose not to stop, in the same way as their son Alex. The one who did stop to talk about the good relationship that the family has with Mariana was another of “Potrillo’s” daughters, Camila: “We love Mariana very much, I really like her, the truth is, I know they are going to be happy.” for a long time”.

Once the ceremony had begun, Mariana walked towards the altar hand in hand with Don Cristóbal, her father, who was on the verge of taking a wrong step and tripping, because the train of his daughter’s dress was so long that it hindered his steps.

“My dress, look, it weighs 27 kilos, my dad didn’t see it. Thank God I stopped it, but we were almost nowhere near what ‘happened’,” said the bride for “Despierta América.”

Next, Vicente Jr. did the same and walked hand in hand with his mother, who gave him a blessing before her son knelt in front of a photograph of Don Vicente, who always remained next to Doña Cuquita, both in the ceremony as in the party.

It should be noted that “Potrillo” was the best man and witness of honor, along with one of Mariana’s sisters.

This was followed by the civil ceremony and after signing the corresponding documents, the judge gave way to the couple’s first kiss as a marriage. Later, the couple left the altar surrounded by charro hats, one of the traditions carried out in families that dedicate themselves to charrería.

Before the banquet was served, the guests witnessed a spectacle made up of 160 drones that flew into the night sky making different figures alluding to the wedding.

Right now, the couple is heading to their Honeymoon, which they will take place in different parts of Europe and Dubai; They will not return to Mexico until December 5, a few days before the second anniversary of the death of “Charro de Huentitán.”


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