Fine for violation of traffic rules: how to pay

Fine for violation of traffic rules: how to pay

You can pay a fine for violating the Traffic Rules through the “Action” application. Photo:

The fine for violating the Traffic Rules must be paid within 15 days from the day it was issued by the police inspector.

In case of non-payment, the resolution on administrative penalty is sent to the department of the state executive service for enforcement. This was reported by the Central Interregional Administration of the Ministry of Justice.

In this case, the debt amount doubles.

You can find out the fact of the existence of a debt when enforcement proceedings have already been opened with the help of:

Unified register of debtors;

mobile application of the Ministry of Internal Affairs – “Traffic fines” for Android and IOS.

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You can pay the fine using the “Diya” mobile application.

How to pay

1. Download the application to your smartphone.

In order to reflect the fines, it is necessary to upload the driver’s license to “Diya” using the Driver’s Electronic Cabinet.

2. Go to the “Services/Penalties for violation of traffic rules” section.

3. If there is a violation, click “pay” on the fine card.

4. Choose a payment method: by card, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

5. Pay the fine.

6. Immediately after payment, the fine goes into the “Awaiting Enrollment” status.

After changing the status of the fine to “Paid” in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it will also have the status “Paid” in “Action”.

You can download the fine receipt to your phone or send it to the mail.

In the “Action” application, the option to cancel the appropriate auto user has been added.

The patrol police reminded drivers and passengers of motorcycles, scooters and mopeds about safety rules.


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