Five people are trapped in the elevator in Torreón’s Technology Square

Five people are trapped in the elevator in Torreón’s Technology Square

Young people who wanted to go up to the second level. (THE CENTURY OF TORREÓN)

Prevention and rescue forces mobilized this Monday afternoon towards a technology shopping plaza located in the Center of Torreón, due to the report of five people trapped in the elevator.

The call for help was reported at around 6:15 p.m. on the state 911 emergency system, by the same people who were trapped for a period of five minutes inside the elevator.

According to the report of the facts, the young people who were trying to go up to the second level of the plaza were trapped after the elevator doors closed, so They began to shout for help to see if they could be heard outside.However, when they did not receive a response, they decided to call the emergency number.

The names of the trapped people correspond to: Héctor, 27 years old, Evanely, 22 years old, Alicia, 2 years old, Cristian, 33, and Canales, 4 years old.

Elements of the heroic fire department arrived at the scene and carried out timely work to be able to Unlock the elevator and thus be able to free the affected people.

Elements of the Public Security Directorate collaborated with the liberation actions.


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