Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield Starring in Romantic Comedy

Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield Starring in Romantic Comedy


REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Actress Florence Pugh and actor Andrew Garfield compete in a romantic comedy film We Live in Time. Pugh plays Almut and Garfield plays a character named Tobias. However, the plot of the film is still being kept secret.

The director, John Crowley, confirmed that the film is in post-production. He hopes to present a film We Live in Time soon for the audience. In fact, he is targeting the film to be released on the big screen at the end of this year.

“This is actually being finalized and we will complete the final process on May 1. So, now it is in the final stages of the post-production process and will be coming to the public in the fall,” said Crowley, quoted from the page Digital SpyWednesday (3/4/2024).

In its description, the film is described as a “funny, deeply moving and profound love story”. Crowley also gave high praise to Pugh and Garfield for their performance and dedication to the film project.

Previously, Garfield had starred in another drama film directed by Crowley, namely Boy A (2007). It’s been a dozen years since they last worked together, and Garfield has had many accomplishments, but Crowley considers him to still be as humble and have a good work ethic as ever.

Meanwhile, Pugh’s career has not been as long as Garfield’s. However, Crowley felt that Pugh had and would go fast. “He had a very pure instinct about the essence of various scenes,” considers Crowley chemistry both are very good.

Crowley said that the upcoming film will contain joy, heartbreak, feuds, and even silliness in a marriage. However, it is all packaged in a love story and of course thrilling performances from Pugh and Garfield.

“It’s a portrait of a marriage, about what it means to try and create a family. So, this film has all the aspects in a way that I like to play, from hysteria and very funny moments to something that is quite devastating and heartbreaking,” said Crowley.


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