Foolish because he deceived

Foolish because he deceived


It’s probably the first time…

Sitting listening to the opposition government’s interrogation It imagines that Those currently in discussion are not MPs from the opposition party.

But it’s an unknown force!

It’s a new thing that I’m not used to.

Because what they’re used to is the opposition attacking the government. It’s a stage for interrogating the government.

But with “Chaithawat Tulathon” opening his head as the leader of the opposition in the House of Representatives. Instead, we see the atmosphere of the country in the midst of a legal war.

The government was not laundered.

It is a laundering of the “Thai state” through the government.

“…People expect to see political reform to democracy. The new government at the time of its establishment People also want to see a referendum held quickly. But it still keeps going back and forth.

Citizens are not sure what the government will do with political reform.

Moreover, when analyzed in detail, it was found that If a new constitution is prepared in time We may have a new constitution that is new. But they don’t trust the people like before.

As time passed, it was found that the legal war process was still continuing. No different from after the coup. Situation of suppression of people with different opinions in the name of law The rights and freedom of the press are beginning to show signs of being threatened with interference.

Citizens expect to see reforms to the justice system. See the restoration of the rule of law and the rule of law that the government has announced. But what actually happened Instead, there was a crisis of faith like never before in the Royal Thai Police in the police…”

Unpacking the discussion of “Chaithawat Tulathon” who looked somewhat confused. At the connecting point of the story But the way of thinking is still the same.

The type that attacked “Uncle Tu’s government” before.

Legal War in the meaning of the Forward Party The focus has been on the repression of the people since the coup. At present, it is still being suppressed.

that is still ongoing There is only one matter.

Violations of Section 112 that continue to the current government. And it’s not over yet.

and will continue indefinitely If there is still an offense committed

Even if the party advances to government If there are still violations of Section 112, the justice process will continue without selecting the government.

Until that time, will the Progressive Party still call it Niti Songkhram?

If yes, by whom?

So how is the government responsible?

or the Progressive Party confirms that These events will not happen in the era when we are the government.

If yes, then congratulations.

It shows that Thailand is at peace.

Overall, the opposition debate is not bad. Even though there is no cool information But it has been compiled to show that the Settha government Deliberately deficient in many matters, especially in the case of the Thaksin prisoner.

The disadvantage is that there is only Democrat Party This point is clear.

As for advancing further, it seems like there’s some kind of deal with the angel prisoner.

Let’s leave Parliament and go explore the world of social media, because yesterday (April 3) there were issues to talk about, just like the ones in the House.

There have been attempts by some academic groups. Give the student three inches from the back. Until it leaves the academic framework and becomes a core subject in Telugu.

Associate Professor Vijayan Chiangkul, Dean Emeritus and former Dean of the College of Social Innovation Rangsit University Write a message to show off on Facebook Witayakorn Chiengkul

“…History of the creation of the first Chula University What I’ve read is that King Rama V was not built. There were foreign advisors and intellectuals like “Kru Thep” who had suggested building it since that era, but it didn’t work.

After King Rama V passed away, The King Rama VI era government raised money from the people to build a monument to King Rama V riding a horse at the statue square. And there’s still money left. The government therefore used it to build Chulalongkorn University. Must use government funds as well.

But the government budget comes from public taxes…”

I don’t want to believe that. The country’s top academics Why is history so distorted?

Trying to add false information that Chula was not created by King Rama V in order to devalue “Phra Kiao” or reduce the value of the monarchy to Chula. It’s like there’s no merit to be given in return.

But it reflects the academic quality that…has deteriorated!

Someone took the accurate information to “Witayakorn Chiengkul” on Witayakorn Chiengkul’s Facebook page, but there was no response.

Chula alumni like “Anon Sakworawit” explains it in points.

“…Please inform me that the teacher’s information is not entirely correct.

One, King Rama V built a civil service school. Which later was Chulalongkorn University. Therefore, there is continuity.

Second, the equestrian statue was built during the reign of King Rama V. It was not built after King Rama V passed away. But it was built during His Majesty’s visit to Phra Nakhon after his second trip away from home. The government did not raise any money. People pooled their money together to build an equestrian statue. They earned 6-7 times more money than they needed to build an equestrian statue, but they just kept the money.

Sam, Kru Thep, he respectfully asked to build a real university. But it was during the reign of King Rama VI.

Fourth, King Rama VI initiated the establishment of Chulalongkorn University amid opposition from aristocrats and civil servants. The person who strongly opposed King Rama VI was Chao Phraya Yommarat (Pan Sukhum), the teacher who presented King Rama VI’s letters when he went to study in England…”

Notes about equestrian statue It is basic information that can be found everywhere.

When the construction of the equestrian statue became concrete and news of progress is reported periodically. Royal Coronation Ceremony Organizing Committee Therefore we urgently consulted together. and agreed to request royal permission to raise money from the public in Thailand To help lighten the burden of expenses

When the news spread widely Donations also increased a lot.

From the initial budget, the calculation was 200,000 baht, but up to 1,2000,000 baht could be collected. The committee therefore resolved to donate all the money. and requested the royal decision to bestow this equestrian statue as a symbol in the coronation ceremony

King Rama V please grant everything as requested.

On October 21, 1908, the equestrian statue was shipped by ship to Bangkok. and has been successfully installed in the courtyard of Dusit Palace. It is in the position of the arch that His Majesty had originally planned.

On November 11, 1908, King Rama V came to personally preside over the ceremony of lifting the silk robe to officially open the equestrian statue.

Inscription in front of the Royal Monument It was written by King Rama V.

Records during the reign of King Rama V do not come from word of mouth.

Rather, it is a written record while such events are taking place.

I don’t know what happened recently at Rangsit University. There were many three-finger professors who were active in distorting issues regarding the institution.

It cannot be said that it is academic freedom because it is false information.

Or the matter never reached the ears of the university owner.

I was young, I was ignorant, I was amazed, so I came to find the meaning.

I hope to collect a lot of things. In the end, just give me one sheet of paper.

Be careful, there will be a sheet that says King Rama V did not create Chulalongkorn University.

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