Footballers who lead by example

Footballers who lead by example

The timely and creative decision of those selected Israel and Poland to pay tribute to those murdered, tortured and kidnapped by the terrorist organization Hamas deserves to be praised. Not only because it constitutes an act of humanity towards those who lost their lives or are suffering greatly from the effects of such barbarism, but because it occurred despite the UEFA’s refusal to hold a minute of silence prior to the match they played for the Under 21 Euro Cup qualifiers.

This wrong decision by the sports authorities did not prevent the players from finding a way to honor the victims. The match began, but none of the 22 moved from their place during the first minute of the match. In this way they avoided the insensitivity of managers too attached to rules that are usually modified when it comes to making other tributes.

Those 22 young people, the substitutes, the referee and those who accompanied them in that moment of deep reflection have demonstrated their worth in the face of foolishness, they have prioritized respect and have attested to their gift of people.

Once again, events like this clearly show how far many authorities are from the feelings of ordinary people. In sport it happens as in politics: the lack of empathy and solidarity leads to taking the wrong route. Fortunately, many others speak out appropriately and strive to direct the march towards the right path.

Of course, this is not the first time that a situation of this type has occurred in a championship. In our country, in 2013, one year after the Once railway tragedy, in which 51 people died, the relatives and friends of the victims had to raise their voices to achieve a minute of silence in the fields during the parties. After much fighting, it was granted to them.

The match between Poland and Israel was finally played. Poland won 2 to 1. But the most important result had already been achieved at the beginning of the match, when young athletes from both countries managed to remember the victims, honor their memories and ask for peace.


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