Forecast. Narcissus arrives, the Anticyclone that brings heat to the North too

Forecast.  Narcissus arrives, the Anticyclone that brings heat to the North too


“Third April, forty days during”: the weather on the third day of April lasts forty days. An ancient proverb, linked above all to the agro-pastoral tradition, identifies the time of the third day of the month as an important clue to discover what the weather will be like for the next 40 days.

Lorenzo Tedicimeteorologist of the website, meanwhile reminds us that this 3rd April will see the passage of some more thickening in the North with the possibility of quick showers, an irregularly cloudy sky in the Center and a prevalence of sunshine in the South. An April 3rd which would therefore indicate (according to the proverb) a classic spring phase at least until May 12th (for 40 days), with some more rain in the North and a milder phase in the South, as often happens in this period of the year.

Instead, on the horizon we see a large “hot bubble” also in Northern Italy with temperatures well above the averages for the period everywhere: it will be almost summer with AprilJune, a period of April that will feel like June. Narciso arrives and will bring lots of sun for everyone and warm but not excessive temperatures.

Going by order, in the next few hours we will have some showers in Liguria, the Prealps, the Alps and in particular in the Triveneto; elsewhere the weather will be fair, albeit with a quick cloudy passage linked to a distant vortex centered between Poland and Finland.

But, come on Thursday, all of Italy will enter an expanding anticyclonic bubble over the Central Mediterranean and 25°C will be reached across the central regions. In the North a few degrees less, in the South a few degrees more, but with values ​​further increasing at least until April 10th.

The first weekend after Easter, the first after the holidays, will in fact be beautiful and warm everywhere: on 6-7 April the sun will dominate far and wide and we will reach 30°C locally even in the North, with a thermal anomaly of at least 6-8 degrees compared to the climatological averages of early April. At 2000 metres, even in the Alps, temperatures will even exceed 16-17 degrees! So let’s get ready for the first weekend with the African anticyclone Narcissus, with the good weather that everyone likes, from Bolzano to Caltanissetta.


Wednesday 3. In the north: rain showers especially in eastern Liguria, the Alps and the Pre-Alps. Light snow at 1500 meters. In the center: overcast sky in the morning, then with irregular clouds. In the south: irregularly cloudy skies with clear spells.

Thursday 4. In the north: sometimes cloudy. Mild climate. Middle: Sunny and mild. In the south: ample sunshine.

Friday 5. In the north: slightly cloudy with local cloudiness; mild climate. Middle: all sunny and mild; 27°C in Sardinia. In the south: good weather; 27°C in Sicily.

Trend: more and more sun and more and more heat, up to 30°C from North to South.


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