Forecast of frost and 10 degree temperature drop in Tehran from tonight The most rain in which…

Forecast of frost and 10 degree temperature drop in Tehran from tonight  The most rain in which…

According to Hamshahri Online, based on the analysis of prediction maps and the analysis of synoptic patterns today (November 30th) with the passage of the rain system in most parts of the province, the sky will be partly cloudy, in some hours it will be cloudy with showers and thunderstorms and strong winds, and in the middle In the south of the province, sometimes very strong winds, in the northern parts of the province, rain and snow, in the highlands, sometimes blizzards, and in areas prone to hail are predicted.

A noticeable decrease in the level of the province from 5 to 10 degrees Celsius is expected, which will be accompanied by frost on the northern roads on Wednesday morning (December 1).

From the afternoon of Wednesday to Saturday (December 1 to 4), the sky is clear to partly cloudy, sometimes the increase of clouds and wind and the trend of increasing local dust is predicted.

During the last 24 hours at weather stations Migun 28.4 mmShemiranat – Aqdasiyeh 25.8 mm, Lavasan 15.6 mm, Geophysics 14.6 mm, Abali 13.8 mm, Mehrabad Airport 11.6 mm, Shahriar 11.5 mm, Pardis 10.1 mm,; Damavand 9.7 mm, Firouzkoh 8 mm, Imam Khomeini Airport 3.8 mm, Varamin 2.7 mm, Firozkoh, Aldogi – Aminabad 1.8 mm of rain was recorded.

According to the announcement of the General Directorate of Meteorology of Tehran Province, “Firouzkoh, Molai-Amin Abad” has been reported to be the coldest place in Tehran Province in the last 24 hours with a minimum temperature of -4 degrees Celsius.

The sky in Tehran tomorrow (December 1st) will be clear to slightly cloudy, in the morning wind blowing with a minimum temperature of 5 and a maximum temperature of 13 degrees Celsius and during Thursday (December 2) partly cloudy, sometimes increasing clouds and blowing wind, in some hours local fog with a minimum temperature 8 and maximum temperature of 14 degrees Celsius is predicted.


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