Foreign Minister Fidan: We urgently need a humanitarian ceasefire

Foreign Minister Fidan: We urgently need a humanitarian ceasefire

Minister of Foreign Affairs Hakan Fidan stated that a humanitarian ceasefire should be established urgently in Gaza.


The “humanitarian pause” imposed by Israel on civilian massacres in Gaza since October 7 is about to end.

While efforts to extend the ceasefire continue, Turkey continues its diplomatic contacts for a permanent ceasefire.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Hakan Fidan, at the press conference held at the United Nations (UN) building in New York with the contact group of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the Arab League, said the AA correspondent,

According to the figures announced by the UN, there is great destruction and terrible loss of life in the north of Gaza. On the other hand, the population in the south of Gaza is increasing every day due to forced migration. With the humanitarian crisis, Israel’s continuation of attacks will lead to much more loss of life. How urgent do you think it is for the international community to act in unity? What can the contact group do in this context?
answered his questions.

Minister Fidan: “Humanitarian ceasefire and aid are urgently needed in Gaza”

Stating that the contact group is working very hard to ensure that the international community fulfills its legal and moral responsibilities, Fidan said, “I think this is very important because if we lose our moral compass, we will lose our direction as humanity.” said.

Fidan underlined that the international community must make the necessary efforts in all areas, including political and humanitarian, and said, “We urgently need a humanitarian ceasefire. We urgently need humanitarian aid.” he said.

At the same time, Fidan pointed out that the underlying causes of the Israel-Palestine problem should be addressed quickly and touched upon the importance of the two-state solution.


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