“Foreign Tourist Levy” Officially Launched, Trial Generates IDR 1.4 Billion

“Foreign Tourist Levy” Officially Launched, Trial Generates IDR 1.4 Billion

Acting Governor of Bali, Sang Made Mahendra Jaya launched the “Foreign Tourist Levy” on Monday (12/2). The implementation of this levy for foreign tourists will officially come into effect on February 14 2024. (BP/may)

DENPASAR, BALIPOST.com – The Bali Provincial Government and the Bali Tourism Board launched the Foreign Tourist Levy on Monday (12/2) at the Puri Santrian Hotel, Sanur. The official implementation of this levy will start February 14, 2024.

Acting Bali Governor Sang Made Mahendra Jaya explained the reasons for issuing this tourism levy policy. He said that many of Bali’s natural and cultural protection programs could not be realized due to the limited fiscal capacity of the Bali Provincial Government.

These programs include cultural protection such as identifying, protecting, intervening in palm oil and other cultural heritage, protecting nature with serious efforts to deal with waste issues, reforestation, management and supervision of regional spatial planning.

Through this levy on foreign tourists, it is hoped that it can increase the fiscal capacity of the Bali Provincial Government to be allocated to handle these problems.

Chairman of BTB Bali IB Agung Partha Adnyana said, since it was tested in early January until now the tourist levy collected has amounted to IDR 1.4 billion with the number of transactions reaching 9,220. According to him, there will be changes, the rules need to be revised, such as the absence of strict sanctions. So there is still room for not paying.

With a target of 7 million foreign tourist visits this year, potential income from the tourism levy is projected to reach IDR 1 trillion. If 60-70 percent of the target is achieved, according to him it will be good, because there is still the potential for leaks.

He hopes that the use of these funds will be prioritized to deal with waste and traffic problems in Bali.

Kadisparda Bali Tjok Bagus Pemayun said the security of the We Love Bali system has been curated by AWS and even BNSI so that it is guaranteed to be safe for tourist data. Apart from that, the payment gateway via BPD Bali is also guaranteed to be safe.

Seeing the conditions in the field, the collection procedures have also changed, regulated in Gubernatorial Regulation No. 2 2024, previously Bali Gubernatorial Regulation No. 36 in 2023.

“Tourists can pay anywhere and anytime because it is web-based. “But we also prepared the system onsite at the airport and prepared our team too,” he said.

Foreign tourists can also make payments while at accommodation provided that the accommodation acts as an end point, has NIB, PIC, must be part of an association. Likewise, Asita, which has 500 members, can also register as an end point to become a foreign tourist collection facilitator. Cok said, transparency of incoming funds and usage will be conveyed in the Love Bali application.

Bali, with a number of foreign tourists visiting 5.2 million people in 2023, is lower than 2019 of 6.2 million. However, Bali’s economic growth is considered quite good, namely 5.71 percent throughout 2023.

This growth is higher than 2019 which amounted to 5.60 percent (ctc). Meanwhile, Bali’s GDP per capita per year in 2023 will be more than IDR 60 million from 2019 which was 57 million. (Citta Maya/balipost)


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