Former Austrian Chancellor Kurz sentenced to 8 months in prison

Former Austrian Chancellor Kurz sentenced to 8 months in prison

In the case held at the Vienna District Court, judge Michael Radasztics shared the verdict given against the former Prime Minister with the public.

Radasztics was established to investigate the scandal, called the “Ibiza scandal” in the country, which broke out after the video appeared in the press showing former Deputy Prime Minister Heinz Christian Strache, a far-right extremist, negotiating on some issues such as the awarding of state tenders to Russia on the Spanish Ibiza Island. He stated that former Prime Minister Kurz, who was heard as a witness in the parliamentary commission, underestimated his position here.

Stating that Kurz took this attitude consciously, Radasztics said that he made a “misrepresentation” in his objective and subjective statements here.

The judge stated that Kurz was found guilty of making false statements and was sentenced to 8 months of “conditional imprisonment”.

In the decision of conviction, which is called conditional imprisonment in Austrian law, individuals are not imprisoned, but are observed for a certain period of time to see if they will commit a possible crime.

Objecting to the court’s decision, Kurz said that he did not prepare well for the investigation commission in question, that he did not remember the details of some issues, but that he did not do these consciously, and that the prosecutor’s office misinterpreted the situation.


In Austria, in 2019, a video containing the meetings of Heinz Christan Strache, Chairman and Deputy Prime Minister of the far-right Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ), the junior partner in power, with a person who introduced himself as a relative of a Russian businessman, on the Ibiza Island of Spain, was published in the country’s press. had taken place.

In the video in question, former Deputy Prime Minister Strache’s statements containing bargaining elements such as awarding some state tenders to Russia, selling a certain amount of shares of the country’s best-selling newspaper to business people in this country and supporting his party in return were revealed.

Thereupon, a Parliamentary Investigation Commission was established against Strache, who had to resign from all his positions, and some party members with him, and in this context, the testimony of former Prime Minister Kurz was also consulted. Kurz was heard by the commission in 2020, and an investigation was later launched against him for allegedly making false statements on some matters.


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