Four stages and four cities, how to share the “heartbeat” of the Spring Festival Gala on New Year’s Eve

Four stages and four cities, how to share the “heartbeat” of the Spring Festival Gala on New Year’s Eve

On New Year’s Eve, four cities were particularly dazzling. Xi’an, Shenyang, Kashgar, and Changsha, where the Spring Festival Gala branch venues of the main station are located, poured their most beautiful styles into the microphone of the Spring Festival Gala. The four places sway to the beat of the Spring Festival Gala!

For the Year of the Dragon Spring Festival Gala, the main station changed the relatively independent design of the sub-venues in previous years, and allowed the four sub-venues to follow the same beat, in order to coordinate with the main venue’s overall score and overall linkage. Among them, “people’s nature” is the basis of all designs. It should reach people’s doorsteps and never interfere with normal life. This concept is like a beaded thread threading through the “1+4” five-place Spring Festival Gala venues, allowing The entire Spring Festival Gala is seamless and coherent.

The pedestrian streets of the Tang Dynasty Evernight City in Xi’an, the residents’ balconies in the ancient city of Kashgar, the museums, train stations, and TV towers in Shenyang, and the libraries, concert halls, and intersections in Changsha are all scenes of daily life that are the stage of the Spring Festival Gala. Thousands of ordinary people were invited to the branch venues to participate in performances and parties, enjoying their own Spring Festival Gala.

What should I do if I don’t watch enough of the Spring Festival Gala sub-venue programs?

In addition to the 6-minute show on New Year’s Eve, CCTV-1 also broadcast a 4-hour Spring Festival special program at the sub-venue on the first day of the first lunar month. The four places respectively use the themes of “Dragon in Three Qin Dynasties? Spring Warm Mountains and Rivers”, “Sunken Water? My Heart Yearns for”, “Beauty in Xinjiang” and “New Year in Hunan and Spring in the Starry City”, unfolding the stories of the four cities and continuing the Spring Festival Gala. Wonderful.

The symphony orchestra performance at the ruins of Weiyang Palace in Chang’an City of the Han Dynasty, the “Lotus Award” national folk dance gold medal work “Maigaiti in the Sun”, the situation short drama “My Heart’s Longing” full of the “big dirt flavor” of Northeast China, ” High-quality programs with local characteristics such as “Double Worshiping the Moon”, one of the “Top Ten Highlights of Hunan Opera”, are shown in turn at the sub-venues, continuing to “add food” to the Spring Festival Gala. It is still a familiar stage and familiar scenes. The Spring Festival Gala’s surprise show fully displays the regional culture and style represented by the four cities in the more abundant four-hour period on the first day of the new year, allowing the audience to enjoy it all at once.

Special programs at four branch venues

The four beauties of the four cities “surge” one after another from New Year’s Eve to the first day of the Lunar New Year, making each of them stunning.

Xi’an: As long as poetry exists, the charm of the mountains and rivers of Thirty Thousand Miles will remain

Thousands of years ago, Chang’an was the galaxy that inspired Li Bai. If there were no Li Bai in Chang’an, this city of poetry would definitely be eclipsed. This New Year’s Eve, we invite Li Bai to revisit the prosperous Chang’an as a “guest”. With Shaanxi style rap, creative sleeves, and drum symphony, the Everlasting City of the Tang Dynasty recreates the poetic and magnificent scene of Chang’an.

The 2023 hit movie “Chang’an 30,000 Miles” was seamlessly integrated into the Xi’an branch venue, which made movie fans extremely excited. Those who had not seen the movie were urged by netizens to go back and “make up for their homework” for the Spring Festival Gala. When “Li Bai” raised his arms and shouted, “If you don’t see it, the water of the Yellow River comes up from the sky and rushes to the sea never to return.” Did your DNA move?

The Spring Festival Gala teamed up with the film producer Light Chaser Animation to animate Li Bai based on real-life calculations, so that his colors, movements, expressions, and proportions perfectly fit the real scene. The Spring Festival Gala has also developed a special APP for this purpose. You can use your mobile phone to focus on the real scene of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in the Everlasting City of the Tang Dynasty, and you can see the “same style” Li Bai of the Spring Festival Gala on your mobile phone.

How to express traditional culture? The Spring Festival Gala chose to let everyone express together. At the moment when hundreds of people recite Tang poetry, I believe many people can feel that Li Bai “comes alive”. That is our Li Bai. His poems and soul are still around us. Why is Chinese culture great? The poems written thousands of years ago can be read in one breath to this day. You don’t even remember when you memorized them. The beautiful poems that have been passed down to women and children for thousands of years are always echoing in our chests. This is the Chinese culture that we have inherited for thousands of years.

Kashgar: The ancient city has the “most dazzling national style”

From the poetic Xi’an to Kashgar, the western border, the Spring Festival Gala took us to “poetry and distance”. Kashgar is like a half-veiled girl from the Western Regions, full of charm and a bit mysterious. The song “Lift Your Hijab” launched Kashgar’s “most dazzling national style”.

How much are the people of Kashgar looking forward to the Spring Festival Gala? After entering late winter, Kashgar entered the off-season for tourism, and a large number of foreign tourists returned. However, when the Spring Festival Gala crew moved in, Kashgar’s popularity gradually became active again. The common people regarded the Spring Festival Gala stage as a new attraction. The surrounding streets, which had been deserted before, became more and more popular, and business even lasted until two or three o’clock in the morning.

The Kowloon Wetland Park, where the branch venue is located, was originally being renovated. The crew directly integrated the stage design into the construction plan, using potholes that had not been backfilled during the renovation, adapting measures to local conditions, and using local materials. Seeing the ingenious design plan, Kashgar decided to build the stage according to permanent facility standards, so that it can stay in Kashgar forever as a “gift of the Spring Festival Gala”.

With its mottled brick walls, bright window lattice, doorsteps and balconies, Kashgar is full of dancing. The crew also invited 560 residents of the ancient city to participate in this New Year party immersively. Windows after windows reflected happy reunited families, and lively ethnic songs and dances were staged on rooftops. On New Year’s Eve, the entire ancient city of Kashgar is the stage for the Spring Festival Gala.

Shenyang: Although the weather is “cold”,

But the Northeast’s enthusiasm is “overwhelming”

Winter is here, and the heat is also rising in the three northeastern provinces. When frozen pears, morning markets, bathing, and iron pot stews all became popular, Shenyang pushed the Northeast’s popularity to a climax on New Year’s Eve.

The theme of the Shenyang branch venue focuses on “going home”. Although this is the eternal theme of the Spring Festival, it has been given special meaning at the Shenyang branch venue. In 2023, General Secretary Xi Jinping clearly stated that “the revitalization of Northeast China in the new era is comprehensive revitalization and all-round revitalization.” The Northeast has the reputation of “the eldest son of the Republic”. For a family, the word eldest son always means responsibility and dependence. Going home during the Spring Festival, Northeast China hopes that the children will go home and watch the spring tide surge on the black land, leaving the nostalgia in Northeast China, injecting vitality into Northeast China, and forging the glory and dreams of Northeast China in the new era.

The location of the Shenyang branch venue also has a tough texture, and the stage is set at the China Industrial Museum in Tiexi District, Shenyang. In order not to damage the layout of the museum, the crew built a long stage, which not only saved costs, but also created a novel display space, creating a “Wonderful Night at the Museum” with a strong industrial style.

In addition to the China Industrial Museum, there are also landmark scenes in Shenyang such as the railway station and the TV Tower. There are tourists returning home everywhere, and they have the joy of returning home. Music with unique Northeastern characteristics such as “Little New Year’s Greetings”, “Farewell” and “Lullaby” are newly composed and integrated with rock, rap, folk music and ballet. The creative collision of Northeastern folk art and contemporary fashion makes people feel like fire in the ice and snow. enthusiasm.

Changsha: Integrating youthful dynamism into Changsha’s night

“Liuyang River, how many bends has it made?” The Liuyang River, famous for this song, intersects with the Xiangjiang River at the “Three Pavilions and One Hall”. This is the Changsha branch venue. Changsha Museum, Changsha Planning Exhibition Hall, Changsha Library, and Changsha Concert Hall are also out of the circle. Because of the arrival of the Spring Festival Gala branch venue, Internet celebrity Changsha has ushered in a new wave of popularity.

Young and a city that never sleeps, this is Changsha’s eye-catching label. It is said that “the nighter the night, the better Changsha becomes.” Among the four sub-venues, Changsha “does its part” to occupy the zero o’clock time slot. Changsha late at night is her home field. The main stage is designed as a vibrant technological “tree”, and the rich light and shadow lines create a modern feel, highlighting the vitality of Changsha.

Changsha also presented its special skills that it is proud of. “Liuyang’s fireworks are known to shock the world.” Liuyang’s national intangible cultural heritage fireworks, which have amazed the Beijing Olympics and Winter Olympics, bloomed for the Spring Festival Gala this time. Fireworks have always been the “strongest atmosphere” during the Chinese New Year. When paired with spicy Hunan-style stir-fries and sizzling grilled skewers, the Spring Festival Gala instantly brings out the full flavor of the New Year.

There were four sub-venues, from thousands of people chanting in Xi’an to thousands of people singing in Changsha. The protagonist of this party is actually each of us who are kind, warm and serious in life.

The branch venue uses heaven and earth as the stage, and there is a strong atmosphere of fireworks everywhere. What the crew cares most about is capturing the true expression of true feelings and inner joy. The Spring Festival Gala is not about “I am beautiful and you look at it”, it is a depth of field, and we who are really living are the focus of the foreground. From the people, of the people, this is the gold standard for Spring Festival Gala creation.

A poem, a phrase, and a dance are all brushes that continuously splash the passionate paint of ordinary people in the smoke of fireworks, blending it into an impression painting exclusive to the Spring Festival Gala. This is the most beautiful look of the Spring Festival Gala.

Director system? Yang Hua, Yang Jihong, Dou Xiaowen

Producer?Xu Chaoqing

Editor-in-Chief? Han Chunmiao Zhang Yadong

Editor?Zhang Siqi Sun Jiatong


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