Friday imam of Tehran: What scandal did the unfortunate people do in front of the United Nations? The war continues and…

Friday imam of Tehran: What scandal did the unfortunate people do in front of the United Nations?  The war continues and…

According to the report of Hamshahri Online, Hojjat al-Islam wal-Muslimeen Mohammad Javad Haj Ali Akbari, in the Friday prayer sermons in Tehran today about social responsibility; The responsibility of living in society and communicating with other people, he said: this issue is the basic issue of health in social relations. All our social life is based on this social rule.

He added: The most important reason and philosophy for the formation of governments in the history of mankind has been to secure this right. Human freedoms in social relations are subject to this original principle and subject to respecting the rights of others. Be careful of your relationship with others and their privacy should be protected in relation to your speech and behavior.

He continued: 70% of our social relations are verbal relations. Language is decisive in social relations, and it has a special importance in protecting the rights of others and maintaining our social relations.

The preacher of Friday prayer added: The month of Rabi al-Awwal is the month of the establishment of Friday prayer under the leadership of the Great Prophet (PBUH) in the early days of Hijrah. God willing, the Islamic Ummah will be proud and strong against the enemies. I thank God that I was able to attend the Friday prayer in the first week of Rabi al-Awwal.

Haji Ali Akbari continued: We are still amazed by the greatness of Arbaeen. Following the example of our great leader and the officials of the system who thanked the noble nation of Iraq, I also thank the people and authorities of Iraq on your behalf. This year, the development of affections and services in Arbaeen was very clear.

Referring to the beginning of the Holy Defense Week, the preacher of Friday prayers in Tehran said: Today is a sensitive and unforgettable day in the history of the Islamic Revolution. With the leadership of Imam Rahel, our nation was able to build an 8-year holy defense against this imposed global war, which is considered a turning point for our country, the region and the world.

He added: Our holy defense was the most popular defense and war in history that we went through. The social aspect of this defense is very wonderful.

He added: Holy defense is our identity. The war continues and the enemies are the same enemies, of course weaker, and the nation is the same nation, of course stronger, and in the future, our success is to use this great treasure, and the software to achieve a strong Iran is our sacred defense culture.

Stating that all parts of our country must have a sacred defense attachment, he said: educational resistance is possible in the light of resistance education and we want a resistance culture and a resistance economy. We experienced an example of it just this week, and that was the president’s trip to New York, which is a successful example and that is resistance diplomacy. As the representative of the Iranian nation, our president stood before the nations of the world with that dignity and strength, and he was the voice of the Iranian nation, the Muslim world and the oppressed, who was heard at the United Nations and announced the death of arrogance in the heart of arrogance.

He continued: The president emphasized the basic issue (family) which was collapsing in the world with the fake identity of Western arrogance. He spoke about the Holy Quran and took the Quran and expressed the recent insults to the Quran and said that the Quran is the version of saving humanity.

He added: Diplomacy based on resistance and culture of sacred defense and pure Islamic revolution is such a thing. It is this diplomacy that has freed the resources of the Iranian nation, not begging diplomacy. This is the resistance diplomacy that freed the prisoners and the cultural heritage of the country. You saw how the Zionists took the photo of that lady and she was expelled after the meeting. What a scandal the unfortunates did in front of the door of the United Nations. Upset, poor and displaced is the situation of the counter-revolutionaries. This version works.

He continued: Today, the parade in the Imam’s (RA) shrine did not end no matter how you looked at it. The same version of the holy defense must be advanced in science and knowledge. Popular culture is far from the version of holy defense and we need to work on it.

In the end, he said: Tomorrow is the first day of the reopening of our schools, and the version of proper education is the version that comes from this sacred defense.


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