(From ancestors’ narratives to grandchildren’s creativity) in Al-Baha Literature

(From ancestors’ narratives to grandchildren’s creativity) in Al-Baha Literature

Cultural_Ali bin Saad Al-Qahtani
Al-Baha Literary Club is organizing this evening, Monday – 2 Shaaban 1445 AH, corresponding to February 12, 2024 AD, a narrative evening hosted by the businessman Mashi Al-Omari Theater at the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce in Al-Makhwah.
8 pm
A number of seniors who are known for telling stories in the Tihami sector and promising talents who are stepping into the world of literature with confidence participate in it, and it is directed by the playwright and storyteller Nasser bin Muhammad Al-Omari.

The president of Al-Baha Literary Club, the poet Hassan bin Muhammad Al-Zahrani, said:
This evening is part of his winter activities with the activities of the Al-Baha Winter Festival, which is hosted by Al-Makhwah. He added:
This evening, we celebrate a promising narrative talent, the young man Musab Al-Ghamdi
Who is not more than 22 years old, his writing talents have emerged in the field of stories. Ghormallah Dakhil Allah, Hussein bin Khadr, Hazza bin Saad, and Salha bint Muhammad Al-Ghamdi will also present a number of popular tales that evoke the stories of grandmothers and the biographies of Bani Hilal.
And the heroics of Abu Zaid Al-Hilali, Al-Saali, and mythical creatures such as Basis Ammar and Al-Ghoul, and other stories that were common among society in the past and come in contexts with different educational and social values, while Musab will present examples of the stories of future generations that were born under the shadow of technology.
It draws from the worlds of media and calls upon the data of digitization
In enlightening contexts

He added: As we are close to the global celebration of World Story Day, the club joins the world in celebrating this occasion to express its appreciation for stories and their masters and narrators, as they are a source of shaping the conscience and contribute to forming the conscience of peoples and expressing their prevailing values.
Al-Zahrani invited all segments of society to attend this event as it is a window into the history of the story in this part of the country.
It also works to introduce the etiquette and arts of the past and introduces it to the etiquette of today’s people through one of its examples
It is worth mentioning that Al-Baha Literary Club previously held the first and largest festival for short and very short stories in the Kingdom, with the attendance of nearly 100 male and female storytellers and a distinguished Arab presence.
During which 23 male and female storytellers, among the symbols of stories in the Kingdom, were honored


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