From mom to veteran. Almost 200 thousand people got new jobs in a year | Demographics | National projects

From mom to veteran.  Almost 200 thousand people got new jobs in a year |  Demographics |  National projects

In 2023, 197.6 thousand Russian citizens were able to undergo free retraining in 30 thousand specially developed programs. More than 80% of them were successfully employed in a new profession. These are the intermediate results of the federal project “Promotion of Employment”, an integral part of the national project “Demography”.

Last year, a new category appeared among program participants: participants in a special military operation and members of their families. This year they will also add citizens with disabilities. In addition, not only mothers on maternity leave, but also fathers or guardians will be able to take part in the free courses.

Right to knowledge

All applicants can sign up for free training. They will be selected areas of training that are in demand on the labor market, that meet their own inclinations and wishes from among those identified by the government of the country as priorities for the development of the region’s economy.

For citizens over 50 years of age, unemployed mothers of preschool children and some young people under 35 years of age, as well as military veterans, the unemployed and those at risk of being fired in 2024, government support measures are still available.

In order to take advantage of these opportunities, citizens need to submit an application on the “Work in Russia” portal and undergo career guidance at the employment center so that a specialist can select the optimal program in this particular case. Classes are absolutely free for everyone.

The most active category of participants in the federal project “Employment Promotion” last year were mothers with preschool-aged children and those on maternity leave – there were 82 thousand of them, 15 thousand more than the year before. Most often, they chose training in the specialties of a psychologist, marketplace manager, accountant, HR manager, information resource specialist, graphic designer and business analyst.

Adapt schedule

One of the reasons why young mothers go to school during maternity leave is the desire to get a more convenient schedule when returning to work than they had before. Thus, Svetlana from Buryatia, thanks to the national project “Demography”, retrained from a salesperson to a personnel department inspector.

“I used to have a busy work schedule,” she explains. — In connection with the birth of a child, I decided to change my professional activity. I learned from the employment service that it is possible to get a profession for free without leaving maternity leave. I completed training as a human resources inspector. Now I’m getting a job in an educational organization, where I will have a convenient schedule.”

The list of training programs is very wide. Therefore, each person will be able to choose the set of new knowledge that he needs.

New knowledge

Architect-builder from Rybinsk (Yaroslavl region) Svetlana Yakhontova During maternity leave, I mastered another profession – graphic designer. The national project “Demography” allowed her to undergo distance learning. She successfully completed the final project and received her diploma.

The time of maternity leave has come to an end, and the promising specialist returns to his previous place of work – the Rybinsk Department of Architecture. But now Svetlana has new skills that will help her succeed at work.

Only in the Yaroslavl region it is possible to undergo training in one of three hundred specialties to choose from, noted head of the regional department of the state employment service Laura Zudina.

Basics – Academic

The choice of retraining programs is even wider in the Tomsk region. There are more than 1.8 thousand options available there. The most popular specialties in the region: “Office work and archive”, “Data analyst”, “Accounting in a commercial organization”, “Database and SQL query specialist”, “1C Programmer”, “Entrepreneurship: from idea to start”.

Tomsk State University is responsible for the implementation of the federal project “Promotion of Employment” in the region. He is supported by two hundred other educational organizations. Over the past year, they trained 86 thousand people in in-demand crafts, including Northern Military District veterans and members of their families. Almost 1.4 thousand more residents of new regions received vocational training organized by local and Tomsk teachers.

“The Employment Promotion project is alive, it is focused on the real situation on the labor market,” says Director of the Institute of Distance Education and the Interregional Center for Additional Professional Education and Employment Promotion of Tomsk State University Mikhail Shepel. “Now a huge number of enterprises are declaring that they do not have enough employees, and given the fact that by 2030 a negative trend is predicted for the main working-age population aged 30-39 to “drop out” of the economy, the situation may become critical. Therefore, in 2024, the project will be even more focused on the real sector of the economy; this is a task of national importance and a new challenge for us.”

Jobs for veterans and patriots

Graduate of the military academy, signalman and veteran of the Northern Military District Dmitry Chulchinov, Thanks to the national project “Demography”, he mastered the profession of an unmanned aerial vehicle operator in Kalmykia. Now he works as a senior instructor at the regional center for the development of military sports training and patriotic education of youth.

“You always need to improve yourself and gain new qualifications,” explains Chulchinov. “It’s nice that the state helps both combat veterans and participants in special military operations receive additional professional education.”

Among those who applied for new professional education at employment centers in Kalmykia, many wanted to learn how to run their own business, the republican relevant department says. Such requests were also satisfied. Because business is also a necessary and in demand profession, but succeeding in it without knowing the basics and specifics of such activity is much more difficult than after competent and thorough training.


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