Fu Nuan China丨Anji, Zhejiang lights up dragon lanterns for young people and Chinese and foreign tourists experience the Chinese Rural Year

Fu Nuan China丨Anji, Zhejiang lights up dragon lanterns for young people and Chinese and foreign tourists experience the Chinese Rural Year

China News Service, Huzhou, February 12 (Tong Xiaoyu Xuxu) The Spring Festival, as the most lively and most valued festival of the year for Chinese people, also attracts many international friends. Writing blessing characters, making dumplings, dancing bamboo dragons, playing waist drums, making lanterns… On February 11, international friends from France, Syria, Pakistan, Ukraine and other countries came to Yu Village, Tianhuangping Town, Anji County, Zhejiang Province to experience Chinese Spring Festival, feel the charm of Chinese traditional culture.

Tourists visit the New Year Lantern Festival Market in Yucun, Anji.Photo courtesy Zhu Wen

Julien from France is one of them. Julien has lived in China for 12 years. He graduated with a major in Chinese and is considered a China expert, but this was his first time coming to Anji Yucun.

“Different places have different cultural connotations. I like the atmosphere of the Chinese Spring Festival very much. I am a Chinese son-in-law. I spent the New Year in Yucun, Anji for the first time. I enjoyed the dragon lanterns, watched folk performances, and tasted various bamboo shoot dishes. The culture of Anji Both the food and the food surprised me.” Julien felt a different kind of Anji New Year flavor.

French friends learn to make lanterns.Photo courtesy Zhu Wen

During the Spring Festival, Yucun, Anji held the Year of the Dragon Lantern Festival, with 9 groups of 11 original dragon lanterns making a shocking appearance. It was accompanied by a series of rich activities such as intangible cultural heritage street walks, mutual wealth markets, music parties, fantasy parades, expert check-ins, New Year delicacies, etc. The interesting supporting activities of the lantern festival bring a youthful, lively and full-year lantern festival feast to Chinese and foreign tourists.

“I used to celebrate the Spring Festival in China, and my friends invited me to a restaurant to eat delicious Chinese food. This time, my friends from Anji invited me to visit the Yucun New Year Lantern Festival. I am especially looking forward to experiencing a different Chinese New Year. Tonight, the light show and dragon lanterns are lit up The Chinese countryside here is so beautiful.” Rong Zhe from Syria lamented the peaceful and peaceful Chinese New Year atmosphere.

Rong Zhe is an international talent consultant at Anji Qinglaiji Talent Community and has lived in China for five years. During the Spring Festival this year, he and young people from Pakistan and France enjoyed the new national trend dragon lanterns created by young people in Yucun.

Anji Yucun.Photo courtesy of Tianhuangping Town Government

Anji Yucun is the birthplace of the concept that green waters and lush mountains are gold and silver mountains. In recent years, Yucun has actively promoted the “Yucun Global Partner Program”, attracting more than a thousand Chinese and foreign young people to go to the countryside and participate in rural co-creation.

The 11 original dragon lanterns lit up in Yucun this time were jointly designed by Yucun’s global partners and young cartoonists. Each set of dragon lanterns contains the achievements and stories of Yucun’s development and youth’s participation in rural revitalization and rural co-creation.

Anji Yucun New Year Lantern Festival “Sharing Wealth Solitaire” themed dragon lanterns.Photo courtesy Zhu Wen

Since the implementation of the “Yucun Global Partner Plan”, Yucun has become “younger”. Young people from China and abroad come to Yucun with projects and ideas. For example, Anji Qinglaiji Talent Community has settled in more than 50 projects, attracting more than 1,000 young talents to settle in Anji.

According to statistics, the current ratio of “Xinxiang people” and “original people” in Yucun is 1:1, and Chinese and foreign youths have a two-way connection with Zhejiang’s rural areas.

Bartender He Zhenxin of Yucun Xiangyin Restaurant in Anji is mixing drinks for guests.Photo courtesy of Huang Bin

“You are not a stranger when you are alone in a foreign land. This place where you feel at ease is my hometown.” He Zhenxin, who comes from Anhui Province, is a bartender at the Xiangyin Restaurant in Yucun, Anji. He Zhenxin and the young people of Yucun decorated the Xiangyin Pavilion and arranged dragon lanterns with the theme of “Dragon Roaring for Auspiciousness”. “The countryside here is newer and younger, and behind every group of dragon lanterns there are stories about the young people of Yucun.”

Because of the participation of young people, the small Yucun has seen more and more new stories and developments.

“Red represents happiness in China, and I like Chinese dragons and Chinese culture very much.” Kristian, a French friend, said that today’s trip was very fruitful. Not only did he learn to make lanterns, but he also took photos of various cute dragon lanterns.

“I sent a New Year greeting video to my friends in France, and also showed off the ‘Chinese Kung Fu’ I am currently learning.” Kristian said.

Foreign young people receive Yucun cultural and creative gifts at the Yucun post office.Photo courtesy Zhu Wen

“At night, the light show is very exciting, like colorful fog floating behind the dragon lanterns. It’s very dreamy.” Hussain from Pakistan described it. He bought a dragon hat at the New Year market and wore it on his head. It looks childlike.

In fact, from the initial days of wearing Tang suits, eating dumplings, and exchanging greetings of “Blessings for Prosperity” to the current dragon and lion dances, and lantern viewing, the taste and customs of the Chinese Spring Festival are quietly spreading and spreading around the world. “Celebrating the Spring Festival” has become a way of life for international friends in China to do as the locals do.

It is reported that the New Year Lantern Festival in Yucun, Anji will last until March 11, the second day of the second lunar month when the dragon raises its head.

During the Spring Festival, tourists visit Anji Yucun.Photo courtesy Zhu Wen

Yu Dan, the person in charge of Tianhuangping Town in Anji County, said that creating a rural lantern festival with the most youthful power in China will allow the world to see the future of Chinese rural areas in Yucun. Through this rich New Year’s folk activities, China’s beautiful countryside will be shown to international friends, hoping to increase international friends’ sense of identification with Chinese culture. (over)

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