Full authority to Homeland Party Chairman Muharrem İnce!

Full authority to Homeland Party Chairman Muharrem İnce!

The Homeland Party gave alliance authority to its chairman, Muharrem İnce, at the meeting in which it determined the election period before the 2024 local elections.


Homeland Party Kırşehir Provincial Chair Gülay Baltalık announced that the Hometown Party determined the road map for the 2024 elections at the meeting held with the participation of party council members and provincial heads.

Stating that an example of democracy was exhibited at the meeting held in Ankara, Baltalık said, “Provincial chairmen and party council members attended the meeting, where Homeland Party chairman Muharrem İnce also attended; He evaluated the Parliamentary elections, Presidential elections and 2024 Local Government elections. As Kırşehir Provincial Mayor, we gave information about the general policy we live in our city and shared our predictions about the future.

We evaluated the economic process experienced in 2023, the political reflections of this process and the situation of the citizens. “As Party council and provincial chairmen, we have given full authority to Chairman Muharrem İnce in terms of alliances for the 2024 local leaders elections.” said


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