Funding of the US government: Congress agreed to avoid a shutdown

Funding of the US government: Congress agreed to avoid a shutdown

In the USA, an agreement was concluded to avoid a shutdown. Photo:

Leaders of the US Congress agreed on another temporary short-term spending bill to avert a shutdown.

They concluded an agreement providing for the extension of funding of some government institutions until March 8, and the rest until March 22. This is reported by Politico.

In particular, it was possible to reach an agreement on the financing of the Department of Sanitary Supervision for the Quality of Food Products and Medicines, as well as the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.

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Congressmen agreed to postpone the funding of the Pentagon and the ministries of internal security, labor, health and education until March 22. The Senate and the House of Representatives have only a few days to pass these resolutions. And already on March 2, the government’s activities may be partially suspended.

At the same time, according to the publication, legislators will still have to agree on another six spending measures. And then try to take them separately for the next three weeks. Otherwise, they face another potential shutdown.

“This will be a difficult task for the House of Representatives trying to pass any spending bill amid divisions among Republicans,” the publication said.

“The agreement will help prevent an unnecessary government shutdown, giving more time to work on bipartisan appropriations bills and the House of Representatives to quickly pass a bipartisan supplemental national security law,” the press secretary of the US president said. Karin Jean-Pierre.

Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States of America Mike Johnson promises to “timely” put to a vote a decision on aid to Ukraine.

However, he considers the border with Mexico to be the main priority for the United States. Johnson said this after meeting with the president Joe Biden in the White House.


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