“Gator Dashing” shines in the multi-use car category and wins a prestigious award in Saudi Arabia for the year 2023

“Gator Dashing” shines in the multi-use car category and wins a prestigious award in Saudi Arabia for the year 2023

The National Motors Company (NMS) (the authorized dealer for Jetour cars in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) announced that the new and advanced “Jetor Dashing” car won the “Best Multi-Use Car” award for the year 2023, during the awards ceremony of the eleventh session of the “BR Arabia National Automotive Sector Award.” ” in KSA.
The winner of “Gator Dashing” was announced at the awards ceremony held in mid-November in Jeddah, sponsored by the Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation, and in the presence of a number of princes and important figures, an elite group of representatives of the regional offices of car brands, agents in the Kingdom, and representatives of the media and media platforms. Social Media.
The car that was considered the most attractive for the year 2023 won the “Best Multi-Utility Car” award in its first generation, which was introduced by Jetour in the Saudi Arabia market at the beginning of this year, confirming the great success it recorded in the Kingdom’s markets and the growing demand for it. It received the largest number of votes among the cars nominated by the jury and through the award website.
“Gator Dashing” is equipped with a powerful 1.6-liter turbocharged engine that produces 194 horsepower, ensuring quick response and amazing performance in various road conditions. It also has excellent torque, which enhances the car’s ability to accelerate efficiently, in addition to an eight-speed automatic transmission to provide ideal power distribution on both axles, which contributes to improving performance and control while driving.
The Dashing car features an exceptional exterior design. It comes with 20-inch aluminum wheels, which enhances its sporty and attractive character.
The focus on detail is evident in the design of the exterior door handles; It is discreetly and cleverly designed, contributing to an elegant and clean finish. Electric exterior mirrors also complement the car’s appearance, enhancing its safety and flexibility in busy traffic conditions.
As for lighting, the Dashing has high-visibility LED headlights, with an intelligent lighting system that automatically adapts to the surrounding environment.
To improve the level of safety, the car is equipped with smart rain sensors, which work automatically to activate the front wipers when rain is detected.
The Dashing car stands out not only because of its attractive exterior design, but also thanks to a package of advanced technology that makes the driving experience enjoyable and smooth. The most important of these technologies is the technology of responding to voice commands. The driver is given full control over the vehicle’s functions without having to move his hands.
With a 15.6-inch central control screen, the driver and passengers can enjoy an advanced interactive interface that enhances the driving experience at the highest levels.
The distinction is not limited to comfort and modern technology, but also includes technologies such as remote operation, the open entry system, in addition to the presence of a panoramic camera, which adds to the attractiveness of the “Dashing” and makes it the ideal companion for anyone seeking a modern and advanced driving experience.
The Dashing car features an advanced set of safety specifications that effectively enhance the driving experience. These specifications include an anti-collision system that reduces the risk of collision, in addition to the presence of front sensors and a rear traffic alert system in order to notify the driver of any movement behind the car while reversing, which reduces the risk of collision. The car also ensures the safety of changing lanes safely through the blind spot system, which alerts the driver to the presence of vehicles in invisible areas.
Safety is complemented by a lane departure warning system that alerts the driver when the car deviates from the specified lane, contributing to maintaining driving stability.
On this occasion, the CEO of the National Automotive Supplies Company said: “Despite the recent introduction of the Dashing to the market, it was quickly able to reserve a prominent place for itself in the Saudi automobile sector, and attracted the interest of car enthusiasts in the market, which enabled it to record high sales. We are confident that the car’s winning of this prestigious award was well deserved for its innovative technologies, advanced systems that enrich the driving experience, and its attractive design that caught the eye.”
He added: “Jetor Dasheng’s winning of this prestigious award confirms our success in establishing a leadership position for the Jetor brand and placing it among the best Chinese car manufacturers. We are committed to intensifying our efforts to provide the best possible service to customers in terms of availability of spare parts, maintenance and after-sales services.”
The National Automotive Supplies Company is the official and exclusive agent for the Jetour brand in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company’s showrooms are located in the main cities, in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Al-Khobar, and offer the latest Jetor models, and a luxurious and exceptional purchasing experience.
The company also emphasizes its commitment to providing after-sales services through distinguished service centers.
In addition, the company ensures that its services are provided to the largest possible number of customers by investing in a wide network of authorized distributors spread throughout the Kingdom.


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