Gaza is experiencing a dire situation

Gaza is experiencing a dire situation

to report Jam Jam onlineAmir Saeed Irwani, Iran’s ambassador and permanent representative to the United Nations, on Monday local time at the UN General Assembly meeting about the situation in Gaza, added: Gaza is experiencing a dire situation and the people of Gaza are witnessing war crimes and crimes against humanity by the Zionist regime. Their land is under occupation and despite the global demand for a ceasefire, including the request of the General Assembly and the Security Council for humanitarian stops, they are still suffering from the Zionist regime’s brutal war against them.

The senior diplomat of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the United Nations emphasized: In such a situation, sympathy is not enough. The general expectation is that the main axes of the resolution of the General Assembly, which was approved by the majority of 121 members, especially the important point of the urgent need for an immediate and lasting ceasefire, were also repeated in the content of the Security Council resolution.

Irvani clarified: Unfortunately, despite the fact that some members of the Security Council voted in favor of the General Assembly resolution, they did not agree with the amendment that added the ceasefire demand to this resolution due to the threat of vetoing the Security Council resolution. As a result of this action, the Security Council resolution lacks sufficient provisions to end the war, which could have stopped the Zionist regime’s crimes against civilians in Gaza.

He said: But what happened after the approval of this resolution? Has the number of attacks against oppressed people decreased? Has it led to the benefit of the population of Gaza from sufficient humanitarian aid? no

Iran’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations continued: Instead, the representative of the occupying regime said in the same meeting that they will do whatever they want. Since the first part of this meeting (three days ago), this regime has directly attacked two UNRWA schools, which shelter thousands of displaced Palestinian families. All this is due to the fundamental problem of this resolution, which does not provide an executive guarantee in this regard. This resolution (because it is not under Chapter 7 of the Charter) does not guarantee proper legal implementation.

Irvani stated: We believe that the General Assembly should use the power given to it by the Charter and play a leading role in this field. During the last two years, the capacity of the General Assembly has been used to resolve issues related to peace and security, and now the international community expects the same. In order to help the Palestinian people in this unfortunate situation, the capacity of the General Assembly should be used again.


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