GDL boss Weselsky rules out strikes over Christmas

GDL boss Weselsky rules out strikes over Christmas

DThe head of the train drivers’ union (GDL), Claus Weselsky, has ruled out strikes at Deutsche Bahn over the Christmas period. “The GDL has never gone on strike over Christmas and will not do so this year either,” Weselsky told the “Leipziger Volkszeitung”. “The Christmas season is a peaceful one – and it will stay that way.”

Last week, from Wednesday evening to Thursday evening, large parts of long-distance, regional and freight transport were at a standstill due to a warning strike. The GDL has now called on its members to vote on indefinite strikes in the current collective bargaining dispute.

Regardless, Deutsche Bahn wants to continue negotiations. The agreed negotiation date in the new week will of course take place, said a spokesman at the weekend. “Unless the GDL itself goes on strike on the negotiation date.” The railway wants a solution at the negotiating table in the interests of the employees and passengers. The talks are scheduled for Thursday and Friday.

The crux of the matter is working hours

The GDL announced on Friday that it would initiate a ballot. If three quarters of the members agree, indefinite strikes at the state-owned company and private railways would also be possible. GDL boss Claus Weselsky justified the approach with employers’ stalling tactics.


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