[Gee Wah Hall 37th Anniversary Banquet]Disappointed that funding for an independent high school has been cut, Chung Lai Fu calls on Minister Kyrgyzstan to reconsider

[Gee Wah Hall 37th Anniversary Banquet]Disappointed that funding for an independent high school has been cut, Chung Lai Fu calls on Minister Kyrgyzstan to reconsider

(Alor Setar, 7th) Datuk Chung Lai Hock, president of the Kedah Chinese Assembly, said that Kyrgyzstan Minister Mohd Sanusi may have thought that most of the Chinese community did not support PAS during the state election, so he reduced the number of 3 independent institutions. appropriations in. However, the results of the state election have been settled, and the PN state government led by PAS is obliged to continue to provide some constructive support to Chinese education and the Chinese community.

He pointed out that when PAS first came to power in Kedah in 2008, it allocated RM50,000 to each independent secondary school every year. After the Barisan Nasional returned to power, the allocation has not been interrupted, and the amount of allocation in the past few years has increased to RM100,000 per house.

He said the Chinese community was very disappointed when the Minister recently announced that only RM20,000 would be allocated to each independent secondary school this year.

He explained that whether the Chinese community supports PAS or not mainly depends on the actions and remarks of PAS, and the remarks made by PAS during the election campaign greatly hurt the feelings of the Chinese community, resulting in the Chinese community not supporting PAS.

When Chung Lai Fu delivered a speech at the 37th anniversary dinner of Jihua Hall last night, he hoped that Jizhou Executive Councilor Huang Jiazhen, who is in charge of Chinese affairs, could renegotiate the matter with the minister in order to reconsider allocating RM100,000 to three independent high schools.

The directors of Jihua Hall and the guests performed the cake cutting ceremony.

“I will also try my best to contact the minister to personally explain to the minister that the independent high school is not a school for the rich. On the contrary, the independent high school relies on donations from the Chinese community every year. I hope the minister can take back his life.”

Zhou Youbin, Consul General of the Chinese Consulate in Penang, welcomes Kedahites to visit China, experience China’s development and changes, and look for development opportunities. He hopes to promote closer ties between local provinces and cities in China and Kedah and promote Kedah’s better integration into China. and contribute to the overall development of the Belt and Road Initiative jointly built by Maldives.

He said that next year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia. He hopes that Kehuatang will give full play to its advantages and hold more colorful celebration activities, setting off an upsurge in celebrating the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia in Kedah, and making contributions to further deepening the traditional friendship between China and Malaysia. New contribution.

Chung Lai Fook (fourth from left) awards plaques to the honored individuals.

Yang Jinfu, chairman of the working committee and acting president of Jihuatang, also delivered a speech at the meeting.

At the ceremony, Chung Lai Hock and Yang Jinfu presented congratulatory plaques to the 19 awarded members. They also presented plaques to congratulate Jihuatang consultant Li Siren for winning the 8th Tan Kah Kee Spirit Award.

Yang Jinfu (left) and Zhong Laifu (right) presented a plaque to Li Siren.

Kedah state executive councilor Huang Jiazhen said that Chung Lai Hock had made a suggestion to him to restart the New Year Carnival and Mid-Autumn Carnival jointly with the state government, and hoped that Chung Lai Hock could submit a proposal for next year’s New Year activities.

“I hope the state government and Jihua Hall can jointly organize this event during the Chinese New Year in February next year.”

He said that although the Jizhou National League received fewer Chinese votes in the general election, he did not give up on the Chinese community.

“Because I still remember who my ancestors are. I am a Chinese from Kedah. I am also the chairman of the Chinese Affairs Committee in the state. This is my responsibility.”

But he said that politics is a realistic numbers game. No matter how hard he works, if the Chinese community does not support him or does not get the resonance of the Chinese community, he will not be able to stand alone.

He hopes that if the Chinese community in the state finds that outsiders are deliberately attacking Kedah, they should unite and stand up and bravely rebut. This is not to clarify for the state government, but to speak for the people of Kedah.

“The state government’s policies that benefit the people also need to be promoted through the Chinese community. If I alone cannot do this, such as Beras Sejahtera, iKafalah pension, etc., so that disadvantaged groups can apply for it. . ”


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