[Geographic Review Line]Lychee Online Review: Plant “moral fertile soil” thickly and let the “most beautiful flowers” grow toward the sun

[Geographic Review Line]Lychee Online Review: Plant “moral fertile soil” thickly and let the “most beautiful flowers” grow toward the sun

Special commentator/Zhou Jun

Six departments including the Central Propaganda Department and the Central Spiritual Civilization Construction Office recently launched the 9th National Moral Model Selection and Commendation. It is reported that the 9th National Moral Model is divided into five categories: “Helping Model”, “Courageous Model”, “Honest and Trustworthy Model”, “Dedicated Model” and “Filial Piety and Love Model”. They are recommended by the masses, selected and reviewed, and publicized. Selected through steps such as voting and selection.

Advocate virtue and do good, and think of others when you see the talented. Every effort is made, and every move is moved. The continuous emergence of national moral models lights up the starry sky of morality and love, sows the seeds of beauty in everyone’s heart, and effectively promotes the continuous improvement of citizens’ moral quality and social civilization.

Let virtue shine in China and let love shine. In the era of forging ahead, the spirit of advocating virtue and doing good is rising everywhere. On the hot stage of rural revitalization, on the front line of fighting floods, and at the forefront of putting out forest fires, good people and good deeds continue to emerge at all levels and in every corner. A typical example is a flag, and a role model is a beacon. Open the Internet and see the moral models selected from all over the world. Their stories touch the heart and touch you and me. They are retired soldiers who have been voluntarily donating blood for many years, donating bone marrow to successfully treat children with blood diseases, and actively participate in community volunteer services. They quickly relocated people and checked for risk points during heavy rainstorms, but were swept away by the torrent and unfortunately died. Town cadres, they are “philanthropy experts”, “enthusiastic neighbors”, “loving mothers”… In the space where we live together, there are countless good deeds by ordinary people. Meditate and comprehend, the gentle breeze of advocating virtue and benevolence caresses every inch and every corner of the land of China.

Greatness comes from the ordinary, and the ordinary creates greatness. Behind every moral model there is a touching story. Some of them stepped forward in times of crisis, and some of them illuminated others in ordinary lives. The accumulation of small “altruistic” stories is the “spiritual high ground” of the Chinese people. A tree a thousand feet tall must have roots. The “seed bank” of Chinese civilization is formed by the accumulation of small things by ordinary people. How can the spiritual foundation of advocating virtue and doing good be polished and brightened? This requires us to pursue the light and move forward towards virtue. Everyone should regard strengthening moral cultivation as a very important compulsory course in life, do more good deeds, spread love, and jointly promote the core socialist values ​​to take root, blossom and bear fruit, and become a common practice, so that our common spiritual home is full of love and warmth.

A country without virtue cannot prosper, and people without virtue cannot stand. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has attached great importance to moral construction. He has met with representatives of national moral models many times, “liked” them, practiced them, and sincerely called on them to respect and learn from moral models. Come from the heart and practice it. Over the years, various localities and industries have increased the cultivation and care of moral models, leading and driving more “good people”, “most beautiful” and “models” to emerge, exuding the light of “fraternity” and “dedication” everywhere, showing ” Warm Colors” of mortal acts of kindness. The “altruistic” stories that are popular and touching the hearts of the people reflect the Chinese people’s love for the motherland and the feelings of dedication to the people, and demonstrate the spirit of continuous self-improvement and forge ahead. The most beautiful flower is as bright as the stars. Let us pay tribute to and learn from role models, let the warmth of love spread infinitely, continue to cultivate our moral character, and work together to lay a solid foundation for the moral foundation of the Chinese nation.

Example is a visible philosophy. The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out: “Give full play to the spiritual guidance and exemplary role of the party and the country’s meritorious honors, and promote the whole society to think about talents, admire heroes, and strive to be pioneers.” Model figures stick to their ordinary posts all year round to serve as leaders. The ordinary little self becomes the great big self. To forge ahead on a new journey and build a new era of meritorious service, it is even more necessary to continuously present advanced models and moral practices one by one, inspire the whole society to become a common deed of good deeds, and promote the moral quality of citizens and the degree of social civilization to continuously move to a higher level. Get up and take action, pursue the light and strive hard, let us plant the “moral fertile soil” thickly, and let the “most beautiful flowers” grow towards the sun and bloom one after another. (Zhou Jun)


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