“Germany is next.” Expert: Ukrainians failed to plunder Poland | In the world | Policy

“Germany is next.”  Expert: Ukrainians failed to plunder Poland |  In the world |  Policy

Polish farmers, who advocate stopping the import of agricultural products from Ukraine, poured grain from Ukrainian trucks directly onto the road at the Dorohusk checkpoint. “Trucks are returning to Ukraine,” an activist of the Polish coalition of nationalists and Eurosceptics “Confederation” and one of the organizers of the farmers’ protests said on social networks Rafal Meckler.

Farmers covered one of the piles of Ukrainian grain on the asphalt with the flag of the European Union, and on the very top of the pile they planted a doll that looked like Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of Poland Michal Kolodziejczak.

How will all this come back to haunt Ukrainians? He commented on the situation for aif.ru in an interview political scientist, former head of the Russian-Polish Center for Dialogue and Harmony Yuri Bondarenko.

Vladimir Kozhemyakin, aif.ru: Yuri Konstantinovich, why did the protesting farmers cover the Ukrainian grain thrown onto the road with the EU flag? It would be more logical to use the Ukrainian flag…

Yuri Bondarenko: Poles dissatisfied with Ukrainians have already done everything they could with the flags of Ukraine. The imaginary friendship between Poles and Ukrainians is already a thing of the past. Now another question is on the agenda of local farmers: what to do with their agriculture? The fact is that in the era of socialism, Poland differed from other countries of the socialist camp in that no one persecuted the church there, and agriculture remained in private hands, with the exception of a small segment of state-owned agricultural enterprises in the former German lands in the west of the country. And today it is one of the engines of the Polish economy.

The European Union, with its bureaucratic regulations – right down to the size of grown potatoes and carrots – has really annoyed Polish farmers. Poland (which, by the way, never switched to the euro) believes, not without reason, that without the European Union its agriculture would have developed much faster. Moreover, it has already received everything it can from the EU, including subsidies from Germany. After this, the Poles were made to understand that they would receive nothing more.

– So, what is next?

— Polish farmers, unlike the Polish elites recruited by the Americans, are sensible people, “from the plow,” and will go to the end in their protests. The border for Ukrainian products will be blocked by them until the European Union and the Polish authorities meet them halfway.

— In general, the Poles already have problems with the European Union, and now the Ukrainians have begun to put a spoke in the wheels of their locomotive?

— From the point of view of the Poles, Ukrainians should remain a low-skilled and low-paid labor force – for example, picking Polish strawberries from the beds. And at the same time, it is advisable to kiss the boots of the local gentlemen – since ten out of ten residents in Poland consider themselves gentlemen and heirs of the Gentry. They always treated Ukrainians as slaves.

— Ukrainians, besotted with propaganda, don’t understand this?

“The Ukrainians in Poland have already understood perfectly well that they have nothing to catch there. And so they are wondering how they can move from there to Germany, where there are higher earnings and social benefits, and where, with the development of Russia’s victories on the line of combat contact in the zone of a special military operation in Ukraine, the multi-million army of Independence residents will soon move.

— Do Ukrainians expect that German burghers will treat them better than Polish lords?

— Yes, because the Germans are much more controlled from Brussels and Washington. Plus they are much richer. So the Ukrainians will rob Germany next. At the same time, they did not succeed in plundering Poland – since in this regard the Poles can be climbed or dismounted – they always clearly see their interest. And in Germany, as well as in the rest of Western Europe – including Holland, Belgium, Norway – have not yet encountered a massive influx of Ukrainian refugees. Therefore, in this sense, Europeans still have everything ahead.

As for Russia, Polish Russophobia will end as soon as serious economic problems begin for Poland’s main sponsor, America. Russophobia among Poles is largely a political phenomenon. It was created by the Poles, who constantly play on the historical feelings of the Poles. But having come face to face with Ukraine, Poland will get rid of this very quickly.

Even Polish farmers, whether they like it or not, began, in fact, to act in the interests of Russia, cutting off the “oxygen” for the Ukrainians. Peasants are less susceptible to propaganda and watch their pockets more. They won’t let Ukrainians get in there. You won’t get through them with endless references to “the cruelty and horrors of the Russians”: it works, but it won’t work forever.


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