Germany’s national team loses the Nations League semi-finals in France

Germany’s national team loses the Nations League semi-finals in France

Horst Hrubesch and his staff have spent many hours with the German women’s soccer team on the training ground over the past few days to simulate emergency conditions and prepare the team as best as possible for an important duel.

The national coach was aware of this, however, that the encounter with the French selection will not only be based on physical fitness, but above all in the mind: “Who wants it more?” The 72-year-old came up with this catchy formula when assessing the team Starting point for the semi-final game in the Nations League.

On Friday evening he realized with regret that his “girls”, as the 72-year-old prefers to call the players, were not in a position to shape the events in Lyon as they wished: they lost 2-1. Due to the defeat, the German Football Association’s selection missed the final of the competition and thus missed the first match point to qualify for the Olympics in Paris. “We weren’t brave enough in the first half and played a bit of scary football. We were more present in the second half,” said goal scorer Giulia Gwinn after the game.

Delayed confirmation

In the final, the French will meet the Spanish world champions, who defeated the Netherlands 3-0 in the parallel encounter in Cádiz. A consolation for the Germans: With the game for third place, they still have a chance to earn participation in the Summer Games with a win this Wednesday in Holland.


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