Germany’s strong reaction to Trump’s recent proposal for Russia’s attack on NATO

Germany’s strong reaction to Trump’s recent proposal for Russia’s attack on NATO

“No one can be allowed to gamble with the security of Europe,” these are part of the words of German Chancellor Olaf Schultz yesterday (Monday) in response to Donald Trump’s proposal to Russia to attack NATO.

Former US President Donald Trump stated during a rally on Saturday this week that he would “encourage” Russia to attack any NATO member that does not meet its financial obligations as part of the alliance.

At a joint news conference with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk in Berlin, Schultz took aim at Trump, saying “the pledge to protect NATO remains unconditional.”

According to the principles and rules of NATO, the members of this alliance have pledged that if one of the NATO members is attacked, the other members will defend it.

Schultz, who did not directly mention Trump by name, said conditionality on aid to NATO members is “irresponsible and dangerous and only benefits Russia.”

Berlin has long failed to meet minimum NATO spending, but has apparently decided to meet its goal of two percent of NATO spending with the help of a €100 billion fund created to bolster Germany’s defenses in the wake of the Ukraine conflict, according to Rashtody.

According to published reports, NATO has spent a budget equivalent to 1.3 trillion dollars for its military expenses in 2023, and according to the Associated Press report, Germany will not reach the 2% target with its usual budget for the next few years.

The statistics and figures of the NATO alliance in 2023 show that most NATO members do not meet the minimum cost of this alliance. Of its 31 members, only 12 currently spend at least 2 percent of GDP on NATO defense.


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