Giulia Cecchettin, other details on the murder emerge from the order

Giulia Cecchettin, other details on the murder emerge from the order

VIGONOVO (VENICE) – The duct tape to keep her from screaming, the kicks and stabs, her desperate escape into the darkness of an industrial area. In the order with which you order prison for Filippo Turetta, accused of the femicide of Giulia Cecchettin, judge Benedetta Vitolo speaks of “unheard of ferocity”, of “manifest inhumanity” and of “death by bleeding”.

The student was attacked for the first time one hundred and fifty meters from her home, in the parking lot of a kindergarten. She asks for help, screams “you hurt me”. She is then kidnapped by Filippo and taken to an isolated place. Pushed from behind her as she tries to escape, she falls, hits her head and never moves again. She will be found in the Barcis lake area, in a ravine among the rocks two hours from home. Doctors speak of “multiple wounds”, perhaps with multiple stab wounds. From the investigation papers, here is the reconstruction of the night between 11 and 12 November.

The writer: “Progressive males don’t exist”

by Francesco Piccolo

Dinner at Mc Donald’s with Filippo paid for by Giulia

Cameras and electronic payments allow certain data to be fixed. At 8.22pm on Saturday 11 November, according to reconstructions the day of the femicide, Filippo Turetta he writes a message to his mother telling her that he will have dinner out. At 9.02pm an electronic payment of 17.80 euros was recorded at Mc Donald’s located inside the “Nave de Vero” shopping center in Marghera. AND Giulia Cecchettin to pay, with his father Gino’s credit card. At 10.45pm the student’s cell phone shows that she is still in Marghera. A few minutes later, everything changes.


The violent attack a stone’s throw from home: “You’re hurting me like this”

In fact, around a quarter past eleven in the evening, Filippo’s Grande Punto is found in the kindergarten car park 150 meters from Giulia’s house in Vigonovo. To understand how things went, the report from a neighbor who lives in the area is fundamental. He says he heard a female voice screaming for help and yelling “you’re hurting me like this”, and that he saw an individual violently kick a figure who was on the ground, finally noticing the car moving away.


At that point the police isolated several blood stains “from dripping and rubbing”, and found a 21 centimeter kitchen knife without a handle, which “probably” had been used. They also notice the imprint left by the sole of a shoe. According to the accusations, Filippo kidnaps Giulia: he drags her into the car and takes her to the industrial area of ​​Fossò, deserted on a Saturday evening.

Elena Cecchettin: “The State is complicit because it does not openly condemn these episodes, it does not say the things it should, it does not make women safe”

by our correspondent Rosario Di Raimondo

The desperate escape: he throws her to the ground, she doesn’t move anymore

At 11.40pm, in Fossò, the cameras frame a figure running desperately and trying to escape, chased by another person. Along the “First Street”, Giulia has gotten out of the car and runs away, but Filippo catches up with her from behind and gives her a push so strong that he throws her to the ground. The girl falls violently and hits the edge at pavement level. She no longer moves: “Following the push, she shows no signs of life.” Turetta moves her body a little, then loads it bodily into the car that he has gone to get in the meantime, “maybe on the back seat”. He starts driving again.

The silver tape to stop her from screaming

On the pavement where Giulia fell, the carabinieri isolated traces of blood but not only that. “A portion of silver cloth tape soaked in blood was found”, probably “applied to the victim to prevent her from screaming”, we read in the investigation papers. A few meters away, another stain of blood. And a new footprint. “Compatible” with the one found in the kindergarten car park.

The escape and the body in the ravine, ten meters below the road

At 11.50pm, ten minutes after the desperate escape and the fall to the ground, Filippo’s Grande Punto is in motion again. She travels along the northern provincial road, arrives in Dolo, crosses the Treviso area around 1 am – it is now Sunday 12 November – and around 2.30 she is in Piancavallo, in Friuli. Last Saturday Giulia’s body was found lifeless, “hidden in a niche among the rocks” in a mountain area, along the Pian delle More road. The body is in a ravine about ten meters below the road. The body is now at the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Padua, awaiting an autopsy.

Philip may have used more weapons

Wounds, wounds everywhere, confirms the first examination by the medical examiner. On the head, face, neck, arms, hands. A “voluntary homicide dynamic perpetrated through multiple shots with a bladed weapon, with an attempt at defense by the victim and subsequent concealment of the body”. Turetta would have used a knife, because the marks are “point and cut”. Philip may have used “more weapons”.

The words of the investigating judge: “Unheard of ferocity, feminicides on the agenda”

The investigating judge of the Venice court Benedetta Vitolo, who validated the prosecutor’s request for arrest, regarding the risk of repetition of the crime by Turetta writes that the student, “with this attack on several occasions and of unprecedented ferocity against of the young ex-girlfriend, close to graduating, demonstrated a total inability to self-control”. This inability “is suitable for basing a judgment of extreme social danger and raises alarm in a society where feminicides are the order of the day”.

“Unpredictable shooting, crazy and reckless gesture”

The suspect, underlines the judge, “appears to be a totally unpredictable individual since, after having led a life of apparent normality, he suddenly carried out this crazy and reckless act”. Turetta, who turns 22 in December, is now under arrest in Germany. The Venice prosecutor’s office accuses him of voluntary homicide aggravated by an emotional bond and of kidnapping. The charges could be aggravated if premeditation is proven or if the concealment of a corpse is also contested.

“Manifest inhumanity of the act”

The judge who validates the arrest has no choice but to order prison as the only suitable measure, “since it is not possible to apply a different and less afflictive measure due to the social danger of the suspect, deduced from the unprecedented gravity and manifest inhumanity of the act committed against of the young woman with whom he had had a romantic relationship.”


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