Giulia Cecchettin “stabbed already outside the house and then silenced with tape”

Giulia Cecchettin “stabbed already outside the house and then silenced with tape”

AGI – Filippo Turetta committed a crime of “unheard of ferocity“. It is one of the elements that emerge from the precautionary custody order of the investigating judge of Venice, Benedetta Vitolo, which recounts other details of the murder of Giulia Cecchettin and which underlines how the boy, arrested in Germany after a 7-day escape, had established “a total inability to self-control” and how the girl was “silenced with scotch” to quiet her screams. Here are the highlights.

The danger of Turetta

The judge defines Filippo Turetta as “a totally unpredictable individual since, after having led a life characterized by apparent normality, he suddenly carried out this crazy and reckless act” and underlines how today “feminicides” are “common of the day”. She does so in the passage in which she highlights “the extreme danger” of the boyin light of what he allegedly committed, and the possibility that he “repeats violent conduct towards other women”.

The document highlights the “dangerousness” of Filippo Turetta, “the unprecedented severity and manifest inhumanity of the crime committed against the young woman with whom he had had a romantic relationship”.

“Obvious” desire to kill

Giulia Cecchettin was stabbed 150 meters from home. The boy attacked her in the car park on Via Aldo Moro in Vigonovo “150 meters” from the house where she lived. The student would then die in the industrial area where her ex-boyfriend, according to this reconstruction, violently slammed her to the ground, causing her to hit her head.

Filippo Turetta was “evidently well aware of the gravity of his actions” since, after having thrown Giulia Cecchettin to the ground, causing a head injury with blood loss, he ran away. The “will” to kill Giulia Cecchettin is “obvious” even considering the fact that it was “an attack on several occasions”.

In the indictment, we read that Turetta “after having kicked Giulia Cecchettin while she was on the ground, so much so that she shouted ‘you hurt me’, forced the latter to get into his car and move away from the scene until Cecchettin managed to escape, chased by Turetta who attacked her, causing her to fall and causing further bleeding which, together with other injuries resulting from repeated stab wounds, a ‘haemorrhagic shock’ and therefore the consequent death“.

The victim “was thrown to the ground with such violence at pavement level that he no longer showed signs of life and was loaded into the car by the attacker”.

The use of scotch tape

The 22-year-old would have been silenced with scotch so as not to make her cries for help heard when she was attacked by Filippo Turetta. The adhesive tape, seized by the police near the trace of blood found where she was thrown to the ground, in the industrial area of ​​Fossò, was “applied” by Turetta “probably to prevent screaming” to the ex-girlfriend.


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