Give First Instructions After Inauguration, This is what Kajati Sumedana said

Give First Instructions After Inauguration, This is what Kajati Sumedana said

Ketut Sumedana after giving his first briefing as Kajati Bali, Monday (12/2). (BP/Special)

DENPASAR, – Head of the Bali High Prosecutor’s Office (Kajati), Dr. Ketut Sumedana, who had only been appointed a few days ago, gave his first instructions on Monday (12/2).

In his direction, he immediately reminded prosecutors to collaborate between customary law as local wisdom possessed by Bali and positive law or law that applies nationally.

The official, who is still active as the Head of the Indonesian Attorney General’s Office, has firmly conveyed the importance of public trust in law enforcement.

The Bali region is one that has very distinctive and unique local genius, so there must be legal collaboration between Balinese customs as living law and positive law, namely national law, in order to harmonize laws that run simultaneously in society.

“We need to fully support the Balinese people who are strong in their religion, customs and culture as support for Ajeg Bali now and in the future,” said Sumedana, who once served as Kajari Gianyar.

According to him, the context of collaborative law enforcement will be a barometer in the future in various regions so that the principles of harmonization and balance in referring to the Tri Hita Kirana philosophy can support each other in national law enforcement, moreover, this Balinese traditional institution has been recognized for its existence under national law.

As ordered by Attorney General ST Burhanuddin, said Sumedana, who also served at the Corruption Eradication Commission, the preventive aspect of every development in Bali will be prioritized.

Moreover, Bali is a legal showcase in international eyes. “Many cases involving foreigners occur in Bali. “Such as immigration cases, narcotics cases, TIP (human trafficking), cyber crime, and so on,” continued the man who was also number two in Kajati Bali.

Meanwhile, in the context of enforcement, of course there will be attention, especially to national and regional strategic projects where monitoring and evaluation will be carried out. In this way, these projects can be utilized and enjoyed not only by the Balinese people, but also by local and foreign tourists.

“In the future, we will collaborate with Forkopimda friends and together formulate strategic steps in law enforcement. “However, the most important thing is, as mandated by Attorney General ST Burhanuddin, for all Adhyaksa personnel everywhere to participate in making the election a success, and as Law Enforcement Officials to maintain neutrality by avoiding things that cause an erosion of public trust,” emphasized Kajati Sumedana. (Miasa/balipost)


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