Globo omits errors and worsens transmission of Rio Carnival – 02/12/2024 – Television

Globo omits errors and worsens transmission of Rio Carnival – 02/12/2024 – Television


The broadcast of the first day of the samba school parades in Rio de Janeiro this Sunday (12), carried out by Globo in its new scheme without Journalism, was for the broadcaster to regret. If there was potential shown in São Paulo, almost nothing was saved in the greatest apotheosis of the Rio de Janeiro party.

The only positive points were the pair of presenters, with Karine Alves and Alex Escobar more in tune, as well as a well-inspired Milton Cunha along with commentators Pretinho da Serrinha and Leonardo Bruno. But it just ends there.

This year, the broadcast of Rio de Janeiro Carnival by Globo is a partnership between the entertainment area and sport, sectors of the broadcaster that are quite flexible with advertising, something not allowed by Journalism. All this to avoid the losses that have been incurred in recent years, which affect payments to the associations.

If in São Paulo, a style closer to radio was emulated and even showed potential for the days that followed, in Rio de Janeiro it was a festival of wrong decisions and lack of information, largely due to the choice of having just three reporters on the radio. local. And you can’t hold a live event without reporting.

Due to a bizarre editorial decision, Globo omitted the various problems that samba schools had. Those who watched the official broadcast did not know that the Porto da Pedra parade almost had a tragedy, with a woman run over in the middle of Sapucaí.

Those who watched it on Globo also failed to see the most beautiful moment of the Beija-Flor front commission, where a small magic trick was seen, as the image management did not show the entire presentation of the opening of the Nilópolis school parade.

If Globo promised the samba schools that it would show the warm-up before the parades themselves, this also did not happen in its entirety.

Those at home didn’t see the exciting moment of Salgueiro’s drums opening their work with the classic samba Explode Coração, with the entire Sapucaí singing at the top of their lungs. In Grande Rio, to be fair, they transmitted everything from the beginning.

The impression one had, for those on the sofa, was that Globo presented the parade live as an edited compact, like those that the broadcaster presents in the afternoon for those who cannot wait until dawn. But it was all live.

Once again, the broadcaster fails to broadcast Carnival. By taking away the informative content, it displeases the niche that closely follows samba schools.

And by betting on a “tiktokzation” of the broadcast, cutting and failing to explain contexts, the broadcaster is unable to speak to those who just like to see a beautiful story.

Globo placed itself, by choice, in a big corner.


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