Go cycling and see the old city. with waste separation activities – Bangkok Today news agency

Go cycling and see the old city.  with waste separation activities – Bangkok Today news agency

Kong Saharat goes cycling to see the old city. with waste separation activities together with the Faculty of Social Sciences SWU and your foundation

…In the past, people often misunderstood a lot about waste separation, such as why separate it? Because in the end, garbage collectors just dump it together. But in reality Garbage collectors choose the parts that can be used. What more are you going to do?

PUPPET ROAD SHOW 4 REGIONS activity or fun and creative media project for teaching and a waste bank for a greener world Continuing to continue environmental projects, most recently on 17 November 2023 and 18 18 November 2023 at the auditorium of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Kindergarten School. Organized a cycling activity to see the ancient sites. along with providing knowledge about History of Wat Phra Ram and Ratchaburana Temple Before organizing the seminar activity “Ayutthaya Evening” in the issue of waste management Inside the Pom Phet ancient site
Within the event, there were participants in the discussion, including Kong-Saharat Sangkhapreecha, Mr. Prangthip Anantawipat, President of the Khun Foundation, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phum Munsin, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, SWU, along with Mrs. Phangarat Marpraneet, Chief Judge of the Provincial Juvenile and Family Court. Ayutthaya before ending happily with The weather is nice in the evening. By watching the Kong Acoustic concert and THE YOUNG ONES music performance by Associate Judge of the Juvenile and Family Court, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province.

Mrs. Phangarat Marpraneet, Chief Judge of the Juvenile and Family Court, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province Said at the seminar that he was pleased to have good activities for youth. “I have been following this activity for a long time. I also admire the working group for their determination to do good activities for society and are very happy that the working group came to provide good knowledge. Environmental issues for the people of Ayutthaya. At our own court, we have many work concepts that help reduce global warming, such as photocopying. Two-sided documents will be photocopied. And help each other save water and electricity. In addition, we also have the project …compost, protect the environment… and the project …seedlings, unity, plant well, have love…that campaign for court personnel. Help preserve the environment in every aspect and are ready to continue working in this field. Because it’s a good story. and must receive cooperation from every organization Whether it is a private sector or a government organization.”

Mr. Prangthip Anantawiphat, Chairman of the Foundation This is the team that conceived and created the Doo Doo and Friends clip. DoDoAndFriends The foundation received funding from the Safe and Creative Media Development Fund to create clips to use as part of the work. “Doing garbage separation activities It has been a beneficial activity for the past 5 years. Your foundation must also enhance academic knowledge, such as what are the chemical components of plastic waste? And what is the correct classification? And how can we easily make waste have economic value in order to plan work and do good projects continuously for the long term? which in the past People often have a lot of misunderstandings about waste separation, such as why separate it? Because in the end, garbage collectors just dump it together. But in reality Garbage collectors choose the parts that can be used. What else are you going to do? I want you to watch the clip that we made to know that the garbage was not thrown together. Plus it’s as valuable as gold or oil. The Foundation therefore devised a pilot project with Prof.

Dr. Pramoj Rangsanwijit and Asst. Prof. Dr. Manit Nithithanakul and the working group of the College of Petroleum and Petrochemicals Chulalongkorn University Come join in education and learning. and devise a waste bank operation plan In the past, there have been activities where representatives from elementary schools under Bangkok, Phra Khanong District, and Khlong Toei District came to listen as well.”

As for Kong-Saharat Sangkapreecha, he said that the starting point for separating waste is to stop using it. “Go to the convenience store. I carried my own cloth bag. Try not to use plastic. And coming to today’s event, Khun Jiw brought clips of all 10 episodes that were made with academic information obtained from various sources. combined with the experience of the creative team Let’s break it down into interesting, fun content that contains knowledge about separating waste from various angles. Importantly, we will invite a group of influencers who will be guests in each clip episode. For example, the episode about sea trash with Dr. Thon Thamrongnawasawat. Come join in giving knowledge and rap dancing. Then there was the edible trash episode with Uncle Ree, the trash is gold episode, and the trash is oil episode. of professors at the Petroleum and Petrochemical College Chulalongkorn University”

However, at the event, Kong-Saharat still came to invite them to ride bicycles. Visit Ayutthaya, a world heritage city, with a group of environmentally friendly cyclists. Both people in the area and from Bangkok, such as Jeffree, with stops at Wat Phra Ram and Wat Ratchaburana. Along with listening to a description of the history of each temple from SWU students who came to tell the group of cyclists. Amidst the cool weather before going their separate ways to continue having fun At the Ayutthaya event in the evening Pom Phet Archaeological Site

The famous singer Kong-Saharat also told about cycling. “With global warming today people pay attention and campaign to turn to cycling To take care of your health Including helping to burn fat. Helps reduce carbon dioxide Helps reduce dust, especially PM 2.5 in the air, reduces oil use by using energy from our two legs to help save costs. It is considered a small starting point in helping society. and for the public From things nearby, it also helps promote physical health and exercise in itself. And reduce stress from work, resulting in better mental health, freshness, creating smiles and also hidden by promoting tourism economic activities. Using a bicycle in your daily life for just a little bit each day can accumulate mental happiness and physical strength for a good quality of life. It also helps reduce global warming and air pollution. Starting from ourselves and our families, which will lead to a good society and environment forever.”

While Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phum Munsin, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences Srinakharinwirot University emphasized that “in the past, the Faculty of Social Sciences Work together with your foundation to organize Road Show activities in 4 sections continuously. This time is the 4th section. We organize activities to teach children to separate garbage through a puppet show. Puppet Show provides knowledge through cute dolls and content that is easy to understand, suitable for the age of the child. Learning, sorting, remembering. At the event there was also a discussion to jointly separate waste sustainably. Together with the same kind-hearted artist, P’Kong Saharat, there was cycling together with the working group. To help be a part of eco-tourism in various temples. which has beautiful places, namely Wat Phra Ram and Wat Ratchaburana Ready to provide knowledge in various fields Plus, it also makes everyone love cycling around the city.”

Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences also said, “This year the Faculty of Social Sciences SWU and your foundation have been to many activities. Every activity is a continuous activity. To bring knowledge to develop society The operational plan has been determined to be consistent with the university’s 3 main strategic plans. that focuses on driving according to the SDGs sustainable development goals, goals that focus on quality education The Faculty of Social Sciences gives such importance. Therefore, an operational plan has been established that focuses on academic services for society. By bringing together the academic and research knowledge of the faculty of the Faculty of Social Sciences, who have a variety of integrated sciences. Come integrate with academic services. in order to achieve continuous and sustainable development.”

Chairman of the Foundation He also left good projects that will happen in the coming years, saying, “Right now I have thought about planning many more activities. that has already been contacted is Events at Thai temples in London, England such as temple fairs, music festivals or Loi Krathong festival and temple events in other provinces that have environmental projects, such as Udon Thani Province Including teaching activities for students to do together with the prosecutor group. and government agencies such as in Chachoengsao Province or other provinces. As for teaching media The foundation has plans to organize activities that will bring clips of marine waste and those that have been made new. It will be projected in the area where the event will be held and there will be QR Code signs to be set up at temple events or Loy Krathong events and various events where people come to the event and where there are shops, restaurants, as well as signs will be set up to distribute clips. According to systematic garbage disposal points And there are clear and easy explanations for people to throw away garbage at various festivals, which will help reduce food waste, plastic waste, paper waste, glass waste, aluminum waste. very well.”

Finally, famous singer Kong-Saharat also gave a reminder that “I want government and private agencies to be serious about continuous waste management. It is a serious plan. Because garbage is no longer garbage. “Continuously participating in Road Show activities in 4 regions Because I agree with the working group on what the foundation does for society. Other benefits that society will receive from the project aside from teaching waste separation. In each clip, health care knowledge is inserted. In terms of helping animals along with In order to benefit society as much as possible Help create for children Growing up to be a new generation of quality people. Puppet and Clip puppet shows are media suitable for children and youth. There is content that is not stressful. Hidden in a way of living that is modern Assemble innovations that are appropriate for the era To create soft power value hidden in waste separation, most importantly, want to promote relationships among family members. To reduce the age gap Let the matter of garbage not be garbage. But it is a fun story in both family society. and school society”


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