Got hit again: “Fai Weluree” No Sno Care got comments teasing her back like a man’s.

Got hit again: “Fai Weluree” No Sno Care got comments teasing her back like a man’s.

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Is another person who is currently the hottest trend for “Fai Weluree Disayabut” with the role peacockThe villain who leans towards the funny side in the drama Spirit of the Passion on Channel 8 Even though she’s late for the laughs, Chee Fai still hasn’t left her mark of spiciness and spiciness in the style of original content that she’s made before. Let’s make a U-turn for a moment. Because of the latest scene in the drama harlot spirit EP 21 (Monday February 12) In the past, it made netizens and drama fans rub their eyes a lot when they saw a great scene of Saifai where she asks to reclaim the role of the hot villain again. Invest bares a white back for a love scene with the character Chao Luang Kamjai, played by “Noom Sornram” Let me tell you, Khao Omo is ready to act seductively and have a hot mouth. But what’s even more thrilling and thrilling is the moment when she gets slapped and there’s only a thin piece of cloth covering it. When I saw it, my eyes ached a little. But this time, it didn’t fail to meet comments from drama fans, teasingly saying, Back like a man’s Some say whether they use stand-ins or not. Or must it be editing?

By Fai Weluree revealed that “Very funny. Seriously, when I saw this comment I laughed first. Many people say they use Is it a stand-in? We answer right here that it is the back of the cotton itself. Stand-ins are not used in this scene. We played every scene ourselves. But we’re not completely naked. In front of it, we covered it with adhesive sheets and stuck it all over. It’s not as naked as you think, only the back is open. Because I’m very white, when it’s exposed to fire, everything will be clear and white. This one is secretly a disadvantage, haha, but I’m not angry at it. I don’t see it as bullying. See it as colorful It’s more of a topic to talk about dramas. I saw everyone enjoying the drama. We as actors are happy now.”

You can follow and watch the drama. Drama: Spirit of the Passion Every Monday-Thursday at 6:00 p.m., Channel 8, press number 27. You can watch reruns in the first place only. TrueID

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