Gourmet trip – LA NACION

Gourmet trip – LA NACION

For many, traveling has become a passion, an opportunity to explore new places, cultures, and, of course, flavors. But what happens when we can’t take off to distant lands? The answer is simple: we bring the world to our table. Because it is not necessary to leave Buenos Aires to discover a universe of culinary wonders. And the best? They all have Club LA NACION benefits.

Trip gourmet it starts at France, cradle of haute cuisine and exquisite pastries. More specifically, in Cocu, located in Palermo, where the elegance and flavor of French gastronomy mix with the warmth of Buenos Aires culture. Patisseriespecialty coffee, French cuisine, boulangerie and much more awaits at any of its three locations.

Spain, land of tapas and paella, is the next destination. In the heart of San Telmo, the Hispano restaurant invites you to a feast of Spanish flavors. Barcelona is present in every tile and serving of bravas. Also in seafood casseroles and paellas, and in the inevitable tortillas.

Like a jump to the gastronomy of Middle East In the heart of Palermo, Eretz Cantina Israeli is a unique culinary experience, where spicy and exotic flavors transport you to a world full of aromas and colors. Its cozy atmosphere and decoration evoke the beauty of the region. Yes or yes you have to try baklava, a sweet cake of pistachios and crushed walnuts.

Next destination: another point on the European continent, the beautiful Italy. And to discover the delicacies that deserve to be a world heritage site, there is nothing like visiting Fresca Laboratori di Pasta, where each dish is prepared with mastery and absolute respect for technique. It has two stores in Palermo and a pasta that is eaten even in the Italian embassy (in fact, this venture is the creation of the chef of said embassy).

The last destination of this trip takes us to Eastern Europe, a region full of ancient culinary traditions and intense flavors. Fayer, located in the Palermo neighborhood, is perfect for exploring the dishes of countries such as Hungary, Romania and Ukraine. Their menu is an ode to the embers and the grill. Don’t leave without trying the apple strudel, it will make you feel like you are in a cozy corner of Budapest.

Flavors give us the opportunity to explore the world without leaving our city. The next time you feel the need to escape and discover new horizons, remember that your senses transport you. Let your palate be your passport!

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