“Grandma, retire already.” The network was angered by the announcement of Pugacheva’s new album | Person | Culture

“Grandma, retire already.”  The network was angered by the announcement of Pugacheva’s new album |  Person |  Culture

Promises of a foreign agent Maxima Galkina* provide Alla Borisovna Apparently, they rested in a comfortable old age in God. Pugacheva is trying to revive her career in Russia in order to make money from “servants and slaves,” as she called those residents of our country who support the North Military District and wish Russia victory.

It became known that Alla Pugacheva will release a new album in Russia. Her sound producer spoke about this Anatoly Lopatin on your page on one of the social networks. According to Lopatin, the album will consist of live performances recorded at a concert in the Kremlin in 2019. Let us remember that five years ago Pugacheva celebrated her 70th birthday. What she sang “live” then can only be taken at her word, because there is other information. Yes, deceased Alexander Gradsky claimed that Alla Borisovna has not been singing live at concerts for at least the last 25 years.

“Let him please his new fellow countrymen”

Russian Internet users have already discussed the news about Pugacheva’s “new” album.

Natalia asks: “I wonder who will listen to this? An old grandmother who fled the country and reviles the Russian people who fed her. I personally didn’t listen to her at that time…. I liked one song from her repertoire – “Autumn Kiss”. But if someone re-sings it, I won’t notice the difference.”

Tamara is surprised: “I don’t know what Pugacheva is going to release, but she hasn’t had a voice for a long time.”

Oleg declares: “I won’t listen to this even for money.”

Irisha M is sure: “A person for whom we are “servants and slaves” and whom she “always could not stand” should not earn money here.”

Alex asks: “I don’t understand why this servant is still not banned from entering the country, and why she is also making money here. Mizulina, hello, where are you? This is what we need to do.”

NK advises: “Let her make her new countrymen and her homeland happy, and we’ll somehow live without her songs.”

“I’ve already ‘left the stage’ millions of times”

Tatyana thinks: “When you leave, go away!”

Marina Belbas is perplexed: “Who is interested in this? Naphthalene…”

Anastasia is worried: “If only she didn’t fall apart on stage”

Marina states: “I’ve already left the stage a million times! Now there will be the same number of people “saying goodbye to Russia forever”!!!”

Another user demands: “Yes, declare her an alien agent!!! It’s clear – grandma is paid!!!”

Lyudmila ironically remarks: “And they also say that the Kremlin does not allow them to live in peace. They even release discs “based on the waves of my memory.” Soon the memoirs “My Life in Russia” will be published.”

Yulia doesn’t understand: “Why does a citizen of free Israel want to make money from unfree Russians? Let him earn money there.”

D asks: “Granny, go ahead and retire already. There has been no voice for a long time. What are you writing down there?

SG believes: “This means that Galkin is not doing well with his earnings, since A.B. got down to business.”

Leila suggests: “And someone will buy it and give her a little money to continue living well in Europe.”

Lyudmila Lyudmila is ironic: “Is this woman singing?”

Peter writes: “When supplies are eaten up, you have to ask the price at the pawnshop for the remaining things. And turn to despised slaves and lackeys. What was this snobbery for?..”

Natalia believes: “She has been voiceless for thirty years.”

Svetlana suggests: “Well, let her listen to her album herself. It already smells like mothballs.”

“Don’t give money to these phonographers”

Svetlana asks: “Did the family overspend? Or, in the Western style, each spouse lives on their own, children in half?”

Tatyana admits: “I never went to the concerts of this habalka, because… on TV her face flashed faster than her breathing. Ugh. People, it’s better to give this money to someone who needs it more. For example, I transfer to one of the Donetsk shelters for cats that were rescued from places where shelling took place and they were abandoned. Hungry, wounded. Wealthier people can also send guys to the front for special needs. But not to these phonographists.”

And SuperCat was not lazy and gave a detailed analysis of the situation: “They will release it – what’s the point?? Pugacheva did not release albums for 100 years – she said that she did not see the point in this. And now, when there really is no point, I decided to release it, and even with songs that everyone who wanted to had already listened to?..

And there is no need to talk about the quality of musical material in recent years. She used to have hits – written by venerable authors…

It seems like Galkin, over the years of his influence, destroyed Pugacheva not only as a “people’s” artist, but also as a creative person.”

* An individual recognized in the Russian Federation as a foreign agent


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