Grid workers transform into “general service attendants”: weaving a dense service network to make happiness “full”

Grid workers transform into “general service attendants”: weaving a dense service network to make happiness “full”

Tianjin Northern Network News:Which community do you live in, do you know who your grid member is? Do you know what specific tasks grid members are responsible for in the community? In 2020, “grid worker” was listed as one of the new professions by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. Tianjin also began to promote grid governance throughout the city this year, and a group of young figures began to appear among community residents. around.

As the earliest agricultural-related area in Tianjin to achieve full-scale urbanization, Dongli District faces a series of new difficult problems in grassroots governance such as weak community strength, property management conflicts, and social security for villagers in the process of urbanization. “New residents” are subject to traditional Due to the influence of ideological concepts and lifestyle, it is difficult to adapt to the living environment and management model of the community. How to solve these problems? At the end of 2018, Dongli District took the lead in establishing a team of full-time grid workers to invest in grassroots governance. A full five years have passed. The grid members who had been rejected many times have now become the “mother family” of the people in the community, and even have their own nickname – “Gege”.

Through continuous exploration and practice, grid workers in Dongli District have already been upgraded from basic management functions such as home visits, information collection, and hidden danger investigation to “general service staff.” The change in positioning has brought about the change in relationship. How did the “Gege” people enter the hearts of Dongli people, and what drives the “Gege” people to keep moving forward? We might as well go into the community and find the answers together.

Relocation of old buildings to residential areas:

Attentive service “Gege” stands firm

“Destroying green vegetables” is a stubborn disease that is difficult to eradicate in many communities, especially in Dongmeixuan Community on Junliangcheng Street. This community covers three communities: Dongmeixuan, Xiahexuan, and Qiutangxuan. The main residents are composed of local relocated villagers. In the words of Zhou Xiuhong, secretary of the community party committee, the people who live here are all old farmers who have a deep relationship with the land. “Getting a piece of land and playing around with something” has become a habit engraved in my bones.

“Different from other communities in the city, it’s not just the residents on the first floor who grow vegetables here. Many residents living upstairs also open ‘vegetable gardens.’ It’s not clear which family has been harvested, and pairs of eyes are watching. As long as one family comes back, others will follow, and blocking is not the answer.” Zhou Xiuhong told reporters that at this time, the role of the grid members came to the fore.

Liu Yuying is a grid member of the fifth grid of Dongmeixuan Community. The grid she is responsible for is the building where the problem of “destroying green vegetables” is the most prominent. Liu Yuying clearly remembers that when she first joined the company in 2019, she went to collect household information and mentioned her identity as a “grid worker”. Some residents regarded her as a maintenance staff of China Unicom and directly replied to her: Our home network is not broken. . Four years have passed. This enthusiastic and generous “post-90s” girl has “captured” the residents with her enthusiasm and has become a “caring person” that everyone can’t live without. Following Secretary Zhou’s idea of ​​”turning blockages into dredges”, Liu Yuying organized building leaders and volunteers to go door-to-door to solicit opinions. Suggestions from all parties were gathered, and the management ideas for building “micro gardens” gradually became clear.

In March this year, the vegetable patch downstairs of No. 3 Dongmeixuan disappeared and was replaced by a piece of flat land with a nameplate: Dongmeixuan-Micro Garden. This time the community did not simply plow up the vegetable plot, but opened this public green space to residents who love planting and invited them to manage the garden as responsible persons. In just a few months, the vegetable plots that were originally divided up here and there by the residents have been transformed into a large garden landscape. “This garden is the responsibility of more than a dozen residents in our Building 3. How to design it and what flowers to plant are all discussed and perfected little by little. In the past, we grew vegetables just for fun. Who wants to make trouble every day over this matter? Contradiction. Now it’s better. Not only have we got over the addiction of planting, we have also beautified the community by ourselves, and we feel full of accomplishment.” Gao Zhenxiang, a resident of Building 3, proudly told reporters, “Since the garden here has been built, it has become more and more beautiful. The residents in other buildings are also envious of it. I heard that residents in other grids are applying for green space and want to build ‘micro gardens’ at their doorsteps.”

In grassroots community governance, the management of large commercial complexes within the jurisdiction is often very energy-consuming. And this business format that may be a big trouble in the eyes of others has become an inexhaustible treasure trove of resources for the Dongmeixuan community.

Binli Middle Street Commercial Plaza is located within the first grid of Dongmeixuan, with 130 residents, 100 merchants and 443 employees. In the past, although commercial streets and residential areas were separated by only one street, they never communicated with each other, and the management of merchants and communities were disconnected. During the visit, grid members found that some of the relocated villagers had no jobs and wanted to find part-time jobs, while many merchants in the commercial street were recruiting workers, but the needs of both sides could not be met. “What to do? Of course we need to ‘build a bridge’, and this is how the ‘micro-platform’ of our First Grid came into being.” Zhou Xiuhong said, “After the platform is established, the grid members serve as bridges and address the needs of both parties as soon as possible.” Publish it in the service group. Recommend reliable workers for merchants and push timely discount information to residents. Not only does it solve residents’ employment problems nearby, but it also brings benefits to residents and brings market to merchants.”

Like this, the 10 grids in Dongmeixuan Community are based on their own characteristics and guided by the needs of the people, providing large services through small incisions, which truly allows grid members to gain a foothold among the masses and allows conflicts to be resolved at the grassroots level. “In the past, the ‘12345 hotline’ in the street received more than 1,000 cases per month, but now it has dropped to more than 400 per month. The role played by the grid members is evident.” The person in charge of the Junliangcheng Street Grid Center Hu Xuelian told reporters, “Nowadays, if you ask any random resident in the community, ‘Who is your grid member?’, they will definitely be able to answer it. Nowadays, it is not easy to knock on the door of a resident without a grid member following him.” Woolen cloth.”

New commercial housing community:

Find the sense of “grid” existence in the cracks

Different from old relocation communities, the property management of newly built commercial housing communities is relatively complete, with a high proportion of young people and low reliance on grid workers. How to bring them closer to the community and improve residents’ participation in community affairs has become the biggest problem for this type of community.

Mingduyuan Community, Huaxin Street, Dongli District, is such a newly built commercial housing community, but under Zhang Cheng, secretary of the community party organization, there is a team of volunteers that she is proud of. This team is mainly composed of young and middle-aged serving party members, all of whom are “die-hard fans” of community activities and the backbone of community governance.

When he first arrived at Minduyuan Community, Zhang Cheng also faced the problem of residents’ low awareness of volunteer service. It is the “in-service party member community registration” system during the epidemic that gives grid members an opportunity to establish close contact with residents. Zhang Cheng told reporters: “We all fought the epidemic together and forged a deep friendship. At that time, we felt that the strength we had finally gathered could not be dissipated just because the epidemic was over. So we set up a functional service department, based on volunteers We organize various types of legal consultation, cultural entertainment, and sports services for different types of professionals, and invite volunteers to actively or passively participate in activities to keep the entire team active.”

At the same time, Minduyuan Community selected more than 40 volunteers with stronger organizational skills and higher activity from among 190 serving party members to become “grid liaisons” to help grid members understand the needs of residents and convey the needs of residents. Voice. The property management of Mingduyuan Community itself is relatively complete, and the easy-to-solve problems have been resolved long ago. But in the end, it must be a tough nut to crack. How to solve the problem? The “‘Grid+’ Chamber” mechanism has played an important role. Every month, issues with strong voice from residents will be discussed in the “Grid+” meeting hall. In addition to community party committees, grid members, and resident representatives, participants also included co-construction units that responded to the issues. At the meeting, not only should we find countermeasures, but we should also clearly identify the person who will be responsible for the problem, and set a time for resolution. The community party committee will supervise and promote the final solution of the problem. Grid liaison officer Gong Yafan told reporters: “The greening in our community is very good, but the problem that comes with it is that there are so many mosquitoes in summer. Everyone has been reporting to the property management, hoping to install some insect repellent equipment, but the property management has never solved it. . This year, we reported the issue to the ‘Conference Hall’. At the tripartite meeting, as a resident representative, I felt that I had support behind me for the first time. And the final result of the negotiation satisfied the residents even more: 66 buildings in the entire community , a mosquito repellent lamp is installed at the entrance of each building.”

What makes Gong Yafan feel even more warm is that even if the residents do not regard it as a problem, the grid workers will notice it and find ways to solve it. No, at the end of October, the community funded the construction of a “community convenience tool station” at the Mingduyuan Property Management Center. As long as residents hold their access cards and swipe their cards to register at the property, they can borrow tools such as electric drills and wheelchairs that are not usually available at home. “With all the facts laid out one after another, who can say that the grid workers have no role? It is precisely because of them that we residents can get out of our units and come together to exert our strength.” Gong Yafan sighed.

Volunteers take care of work, life and family, as well as serving the community. Community secretaries also see this in their eyes and keep it in mind, and are always thinking about how to better repay their efforts. In early October, the “Love Points Redemption Supermarket” in Shanghuyuan Community on Dongli Lake Street was officially established. Volunteers convert the number of times they participate in volunteer services into points, which can be redeemed here for daily necessities such as toilet paper, laundry detergent, and disinfectant water. Wang Wenya, secretary of the community party organization, told reporters that at the beginning of this year, the community launched a micro-governance action of “micro-grids have i, building power is fully developed”. The entire community was divided into 124 micro-grids according to buildings, and grid members were recruited one by one. Volunteers become microgrid leaders to help grid members carry out services accurately. “The occupancy rate of the community is not very high, and it is not that simple to find a suitable candidate in each building. Many microgrid leaders have to be busy after work. We need to promote long-term and lasting volunteer services. We should not allow volunteer services to be just a ‘one-way flow’, but also allow volunteers to see that ‘participation is valuable and efforts are rewarded’, so that a two-way cycle can be formed.” Wang Wenya said.

Small points stimulate great energy in community governance. “When I became a microgrid leader and participated in volunteer services, I just wanted to do more meaningful things for the neighbors. Now there are points that can be redeemed. I didn’t expect it. Now everyone is more motivated to participate.” Community residents Du Liqun told reporters, “I heard from Secretary Wang that there will be a star rating for volunteers later. I can fight for this. When the time comes, hang a ‘star volunteer’ sign at the door. That will be a bigger job.” Such honor and recognition.”

Where does the motivation for “Ge Ge” come from?

During visits to various communities, the reporter found that the communities in Dongli District have one of the biggest characteristics: there are many young people in the two community committees, and there are more cadres who have been “grid members”. Zhang Cheng, secretary of the party organization of Mingduyuan Community in Huaxin Street, grew up as a grid member. She also won the title of “Golden Grid Member” in the first Dongli District Grid Member Skills Competition in 2020.

Looking back on his work experience in the past few years, Zhang Cheng said frankly that community work cannot be done without enthusiasm and belief. “To be honest, the wages of grid workers are not high and there is no establishment. No one knows where the room for improvement will be in the future. Those who persist are like me, purely because they like to do mass work and are willing to serve the people.” Zhang Cheng said , “What makes everyone particularly excited is that starting from 2020, the district will hold a gold medal grid member competition every year, which gives us a stage to showcase. The grid members who stand out in the competition have the opportunity to enter the two community committees. Development The road has been paved for us, is there any reason not to work hard?” Yu Hao, chief of the grassroots governance section of the Dongli District Grid Management Center, told reporters that starting from 2020, for three consecutive years, the district grid center will A competition is held to select gold medal grid members. Although the “gold medal grid members” are not a firm lever for promotion to the two committees, they will definitely enter the talent pool in our district and become the reserve force for the two committees of the community. “In the past three years, more than 60% of the 61 gold medal grid members we selected have been promoted to the two community committees.”

Of course, to stimulate the enthusiasm of grid workers, a competition alone is not enough. Only by using the baton of assessment can we guide grid workers to actively serve and develop into “grid workers for all subjects”.

Yu Hao has been working here since the establishment of the Dongli District Grid Management Center in 2019, and has witnessed and participated in the step-by-step evolution and development of the Dongli District Party-Mass Grid Service Comprehensive Information Platform. “In many areas, the responsibilities of grid members are very single, which is urban management or social stability maintenance. But our district has given grid members a broader positioning, with more emphasis on serving the masses, and more emphasis on organizing and mobilizing the masses to achieve residents’ autonomy.” Yu Hao Said, “Based on changes in work direction, our assessment weights and items will change accordingly. In the past, the number of cases reported during inspections accounted for a high proportion in the assessment results of grid members, but we found that currently various hotlines and online complaints There are many platforms, and the grassroots level does not lack channels for discovering problems. Instead, it lacks the power to solve problems. Therefore, we have reduced the points for inspection reports and added points for solving problems for the masses to encourage grid members to proactively resolve problems at the grassroots level. Within the grid.”

The grid center issues various tasks to grid members through the management platform, ranging from daily tasks such as public services to volunteer service activities, to important temporary tasks, etc., with corresponding scores. The completion status of the grid members It’s clear at a glance. After the information management platform is enabled, problems that arise can be manifested more intuitively. “For example, in practice, we found that the power to assess grid members lies with the district-level center, but their work is done in grassroots communities. Some grid members only focus on work on their mobile phones, but the combination with community work is inconsistent. So, We have delegated the 30-point supervisory assessment power to the secretary of the community party organization, which has solved this problem very well.” Yu Hao said, “Our grid management is still progressing in the process of exploration, but we are confident that we can give full play to the grid. Use the tentacles of members to write big articles on grassroots governance.” (Tonight News reporter Tian Ying)


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