Grignani: “Remnants of rock’n’roll? My present, past and future”

Grignani: “Remnants of rock’n’roll? My present, past and future”


“Eclectic and electric” singer-songwriter, with a unique timbre, Gianluca Grignani, with ten unreleased albums under his belt, returns live with “Remnants of rock’n’roll”, the new tour that is bringing live shows to Italian clubs.

Gianluca Grignani from Milan to Rome

Ten unique rendezvous in locations, such as the Alcatraz in Milan (where he will play on April 3), the Milk in Turin (4 April), the Orion in Ciampino (the 18th), the Viper in Florence (the 28th April) , which accentuate the charisma of the Milanese singer-songwriter, guitarist and record producer, born in 1972. The title chosen for the tour is already a whole program…

«I’m finally starting with this tour, “Residui di rock’n’roll”, then there will be the book, then a single, the first chapter of the “Emerald Green” trilogy and, to follow, the other two. The live will never stop. The tour is only the beginning of the project! There are songs that I can’t help but do. It has a level of scenography, however, I can say that there are even flames on stage, it will be worth seeing! With the lighting technician Walter Luzzo and my guitarist Salvatore Cafiero we created something very interesting: it’s a concert in which you get excited straight away, right from the start, and you leave feeling sweaty and exhilarated.”

Grignani retraces his thirty-year career…

And what do you see along the journey? And what’s left?
«The residues of rock’n’roll remain behind, while what I see is rock’n’roll in front. I hope to make other rock roll residues, because they are my story, that of the people and of those who come to see me… The story of everyone! Because “History is us”».

And is it better to have more regrets or more remorse?
“It’s better to have nothing, no regrets or remorse.” Do you sometimes feel nostalgic for the past? «Yes, but it’s not one of my inclinations that I have so much, I’m more hungry to do things than nostalgic. I’m more inclined towards looking at future things, things that will come, I’m not nostalgic.” In live performances he has a setlist full of hits: from “Destinazione Para diso” to “La mia storia tra le dita”, from “La factory di plastica” to “When you’re short of breath”, the latter – but presented in Sanremo 2023. Do you also include duets? «Maybe some friend will come to visit me at the last minute, why not? For now it is not planned.”

About Sanremo

He was in the competition seven times and twice as a guest… What did you love about the Festival and what not? Would you return to Ariston?
«I love everything about the Sanremo Festival. What I don’t love are the Awards. Yes, I would go back to that stage.”

How do you see yourself today? And how would you like to see yourself?
«I see myself growing, I see myself moving, I see myself improving and I see myself as a man who deals more with himself than with what he has done in his life. I deal more with my person, between myself and myself, not with others; I believe I have done wonderful things with others and I continue to do them today, or at least I try, while with myself I have been less good. I’m my own worst enemy, but I’m trying to improve.”

The music has changed

Rock – the younger ones tell me – is outclassed by rap. What do you think?
«I think that if young people like me, if they want to listen to me (this is what it seems like looking at Spotify), or in any case if they want to come and hear me in live concerts, without even having a single out, then it means that something of the Kids still like rock. At least I think I’m rock, that’s what they tell me, it’s a language that comes easier to me. I can’t be pop, it doesn’t come easy.”

Upcoming projects…
«After this tour I will publish a book, then it will be the turn of a single, the first chapter of the “Emerald Green” trilogy and the rest is an evolution… I have been stopped all this time organizing what is about to come out. In a few days, then, I’ll start with the first date and no one will stop me!”. It’s the promise: words and music by Gianluca Grignani.


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