Guterres says four in five of the world’s hungriest people are in Gaza

Guterres says four in five of the world’s hungriest people are in Gaza

The UN Secretary-General drew attention this Tuesday to the fact that four out of every five of the world’s hungriest people are in Gaza.

António Guterres stated that “no one has anything to eat” in Gaza and warned that deliberately starving civilians could constitute a war crime.

“Where wars happen, hunger reigns”, highlighted the UN leader, explaining that the situation occurs whether due to the displacement of people, the destruction of agriculture or damage to infrastructure, or due to deliberate policies of denial.

Guterres’ statements were delivered in a high-level debate at the UN Security Council to address ‘the impact of climate change and food insecurity on the maintenance of international peace and security’.

According to the Secretary-General, climate and conflict were the main causes of acute food insecurity for almost 174 million people in 2022.

“I am dismayed to say that our world today is full of examples of the devastating relationship between hunger and conflict,” he said, citing war in the Middle East as an example.

“In Gaza, no one has anything to eat. Of the 700,000 hungriest people in the world, four out of five live in that small strip of land,” she highlighted.

He also gave Syria as an example, where almost 13 million people go to bed hungry after a decade of war and a terrible earthquake.


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